Back to Basics: 5 tips for adopting creative best practises for video

Kathleen Dykes / April 2020

Back to Basics is a new Think with Google Canada series where Google experts explore digital marketing best practices.

As business dynamics change, many marketers are re-evaluating their planned creative to ensure elements like tone, copy and visuals are appropriate for the changing landscape.

Creative will drive the lion's share of your campaign effectiveness and help every media dollar work harder. You can set your campaign up for success by applying data-driven guidelines for effective creative to both new and existing work, and tap into new production tools when new in-person shoots are possible.

Here are five easy ways to adopt best practices for your video creative.

Attract attention and drive action

Consider front-loading content to hook attention in the first five seconds by addressing the customers’ problem and how you can help them solve it. Make sure you have a clear call-to-action, and edit those that are no longer relevant. For example, change a “see us in store” reference to “order online today.”

Adapt what you already have

Rework existing assets by changing supers or voiceovers, or experimenting with fast pacing and tighter framing. Try Bumper Machine or Director Mix to expand your video library. If it’s difficult to adapt your video ads, try using text and images you already have to reach people in new ways with Discovery ads.

Use automated solutions

Tap into tools if you don’t have video assets available or if new shoots aren’t possible. Try Video Builder to create video ads optimized to best practices using just images, your logo and text. Create multiple versions to test and learn what works best, or to easily adapt as needs change. For display campaigns, use automated creative options like responsive display ads and App campaigns.

If you aren’t sure, run an experiment

Video Experiments can give you a quick read on how a creative strategy is resonating in changing times. Make sure to re-evaluate experiments and results regularly. Luckily, many creative agencies and production houses are still open for business. Work with an expert to create and iterate, ask your Google rep about creative services, or find a creative partner in our Creative Directory.

Constantly reassess

Revisit your campaigns on a regular basis. What worked a few weeks ago may not be appropriate today. Compare the messaging and tone of your campaigns against consumer sentiment, using tools like Google Trends, to effectively adapt to the changing environment.

Adopting creative best practices for campaigns doesn’t need to be a big lift. Assessing, adapting and experimenting with creative can keep your messaging current, improve effectiveness, and help your brand stay relevant during times of uncertainty.

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