CLV over CPC: Google and Shopify experts on how to win at customer acquisition

Elana Chan / November 2018

While customer acquisition is crucial for any brand to stay competitive, it’s the quality of those customers that matters most. To get ahead, brands have to pivot from getting “addicted to the volume of leads” to focusing on maximizing customer lifetime value (CLV). Maximizing CLV allows brands to acquire and engage with their best possible customers, and a solid CLV model will ensure you’re optimizing for the right outcomes.

But it’s easier said than done. The customer journey is harder to map than ever before, and many organizations simply aren’t optimizing toward CLV as much as they should be. Watch as Google’s head of product acceleration, Matt Rivard, and Shopify’s head of growth marketing, Jason Naidu, talk about why brands have to focus on CLV to compete, how they can acquire their best customers, and how to build a CLV model that sticks.

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