How a full-funnel YouTube campaign helped Vichy gain thousands of new customers

Sarah Lilleyman / May 2019

With a game-changing “hero” product on its hands, Vichy Canada had a challenge: how to take its iconic moisturizer, Mineral 89, to the next level. In the company’s research, the word that kept coming up was ‘love’ — customers, influencers and online creators were saying their skin loved the product. So Vichy decided this was the place to start.

With the help of their agencies, Publicis and Wavemaker, Vichy experimented with a number of sequencing strategies to help use this organic love for the product to drive strong business results.

With the help of a full-funnel online video strategy on YouTube, Vichy Canada saw a 30% increase in sales and attracted 31,000 new consumers to the brand, helping Mineral 89 become the #1 sold moisturizer in Canada1.

Here are the steps they took and what they learned along the way.

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