Future proofing your business: Why digital is the way to win in Canada

June 2019

The Canadian retail landscape has never been more primed for growth. By 2023, Canadian digital commerce will grow by 30%1. That’s a $60-billion market. The opportunity is there for the taking — and there’s room for all retailers to thrive whether they’re traditional, pure play, or brand-focused.

When it comes to online shopping, Canadian consumers are, in fact, already leaders in many ways. According to new research by Google and Deloitte on the eCommerce landscape, 77% of Canadians go online to discover the things they want to buy, compared to 72% of Americans2. And 82% of Canadians research and purchase online, which is on par with the U.S. at 85%3. Plus, Canadian consumers want to buy Canadian products. Are you making it easier for them to purchase yours?

There’s a great divide out there between the retailers who can quickly adapt to and thrive in this environment, and those who can’t. But the good news is, your business has more opportunity to build on than ever before.

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