How Canada’s top marketers found their best audiences on YouTube

May 2018

At YouTube Pulse 2018, brands and marketers from Canada and beyond gathered in Toronto to gain crucial insights about how to find their best audiences on YouTube.

According to ComScore, YouTube reaches 84.5% of online Canadians monthly.1 What’s more, the platform’s audience of actively engaged, leaned-in users contribute to the highest viewability and audibility rates in the industry: 95% of YouTube ads are viewable, and 95% are watched with the sound on.2

Whether they're searching for how-to videos or product reviews, Canadians turn to YouTube to watch what matters to them. By tapping into that intent, advertisers can create ads that are even more personal, useful, and relevant to consumers.

Moving beyond traditional demographics

Finding your audience has traditionally meant finding a volume of viewers. But now, marketers are using insights from across Google to find and capture the attention of the people they most want to reach.


Brands are already seeing the benefits of this approach: According to YouTube data, intent-based campaigns have 20% higher ad recall lift and 50% higher brand awareness lift compared to demographics-based campaigns alone.3

Read about our Audience Insiders—top brands in Canada that drove impressive results by switching from traditional demographics to an audience-first campaign strategy—using the dropdown below:

CIBC 2 Home Depot 2 CA-Hyundai-Update McDonald's 2 Reckitt Benckiser 3
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