Want to make video creative that drives action? Follow these steps

Nilusha Sanmuganathan / April 2019

The early days of TV often saw radio ads placed on television, barely changed or tweaked, with a static image in the background – in other words, showing little consideration for the infinite possibilities of the new medium. With the rise of mobile and digital video ads, we’re seeing that same reflex again: Take an ad made for TV and simply put it up on YouTube. The good news is that there are so many ways to optimize your video creative to drive action on digital and mobile, without having to start from scratch. Here’s a look at the best practices, and best-in-class examples, for making YouTube creative that engages your audience and spurs them to take action.

Some key takeaways from this video:

[0:56] Editing for mobile: It’s all about pacing, framing and cropping. I walk you through two versions of a video ad experiment that Google ran, to demonstrate how you can repurpose video ads and optimize them for mobile.

[9:55] Getting smart about layout: It’s crucial that you know where to position graphics and text. Here’s a diagram that outlines the all-important ‘blue box’ you should be working within for YouTube ads.

[11:30] Designing for action: Simply taking TV creative and putting it on YouTube isn’t the way to go. Find out ‘the ABCDs’ of how to make a video ad unskippable.

[21:30] Four tips to keep in mind: An overview of the guiding principles to keep in mind for great creative that performs better on a mobile device.

[23:34] How we can help: YouTube retention curves, and the other tools and strategies available to help you optimize and get better engagement from your video ads.

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