Why GroupM Canada’s CEO thinks brands need to reassess their video plans

Nancy McConnell, Stuart Garvie / June 2018

For the last two decades, Stuart Garvie, CEO of GroupM Canada, has had a front-row seat as the video marketplace evolves. He has spent his entire career focused on media in a wide range of professional experiences, ranging from TV buying to ad sales.

During this time, Garvie has seen dramatic shifts in the way people consume video content. Some watch very little TV, while others still tune in regularly. That’s why savvy marketers must reassess their video plans to make sure they’re optimizing their media mix for maximum reach.

“At GroupM, we think there’s more to YouTube than simply extra reach on your TV buy,” Garvie said. “It’s actually a platform that maximizes reach and normalizes frequency distribution.”

Here, Garvie speaks with Nancy McConnell, head of agency at Google Canada, about how measurement is evolving in the video marketplace.

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