Consumer Insights

Explore real-time data to glean insights about consumer research, shopping, and purchase behaviours. Make more strategic decisions about your marketing campaigns and ad spending.

Recommended tools

These tools can help you learn more about consumer behaviour

Consumer Barometer

Explore the role of online sources in the consumer journey — from consideration to purchase — across more than 45 countries and 10 product categories.

The Consumer Barometer shows how people around the world use the internet. It is an ever-evolving storehouse of online research and resources, where marketers can find country-specific data on consumers’ device preferences and insights into how people make purchase decisions. Marketers can also explore the role video plays in product research.

Use the Consumer Barometer to

  • Create your own custom analysis to understand how people use the internet.
  • See how internet access and device usage around the world have evolved.
  • Learn more about the internet’s role in the lives of key audience segments.
  • Check out highlights from our research, arranged in digestible charts for quick viewing.

To get the most out of the Graph Builder, click the help tab at the top of the page.

Pro Tip
Select the appropriate country and filter by demographics to parse data to fit your needs.
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Google Surveys ($)

To find out what people think, just ask them.

Google Surveys is a paid service that makes it easy to get fast, reliable insights from people across the internet and on mobile devices, allowing you to make more informed business decisions, understand your marketing impact, and keep a pulse on the health of your brand.

Ask up to 10 questions at a time and select from a variety of question formats. Pick the audience you want to survey. And get the initial results within hours of fielding a survey.

On top of that, Google Surveys quickly analyzes your survey data and delivers it in easy-to-navigate graphs, demographic segmentations, and cross-tabs.


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Tips, Tricks & Hacks

These Google products weren’t necessarily built for marketing, but smart use of them can help you stay on top of trends and insights.

Think With Google Search

Search Think with Google for data and consumer insights related to your audience, category, or market.

Google Predictive Search

A quick hack to see how people are searching for products and conducting research

Open an incognito window (so your previous search history doesn’t skew the results) for Google, and start typing your brand name (or your competitor’s). You might have to experiment with this one. Follow your brand name with the word “is.” Or perhaps try “My product vs.” to see the brands people think you compete with. Maybe type in “Where to buy x?” or “How much does x cost?”

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