3 ways to show your customers love on Valentine’s Day

Dominika Chmiel / February 2020

A marketer’s life without data would be like walking in the dark. Though this might seem like something of a paradox, because choosing one brand over another is often an emotional act rather than a rational one.

It’s not just about introducing customers to your products or services anymore. There needs to be a spark — a connection, a sprinkle of magic.

We’ve gathered some inspiring examples from CEE businesses that have mastered the art of keeping their customers happy, and loyal.

Empower your customers

On Valentine’s Day love is all around, and almost impossible to ignore. But this sort of tangible connection shouldn’t have an expiration date. Throughout the year customers are looking for brands that represent the values they identify with. Encouraging inclusivity and giving distinct voices a platform can bring you even closer to your customers — promoting something meaningful, while also achieving business goals.

Read how a leading sports retailer accessed emotions to raise awareness and revenue.

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Tell a story they want to hear

Storytelling is a powerful way to connect people, and even change the way they think. The best stories are universal, but if they are not adapted with the audience in mind, their meaning could be lost.

Discover how one Croatian gaming studio invited audiences from all around the world to take part in their interactive adventure, and acquired new markets.

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Invest time in the relationship

Every meaningful connection is like a dance with many steps: you put yourself out there, find the perfect match for your business, and focus on understanding your clients to give them what they want. It’s not an easy task, especially with a portfolio of over 30,000 mostly in stock products.

Learn how one retailer freed up more time for creativity by choosing a game changing, automated solution.

3 ways to show your customers love on Valentine’s Day
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