Consumer Barometer

July 2016

Would you like to get to know your target audience better? Explore how consumers use connected devices in their everyday lives and on their path to purchase, across 56 countries. Learn more:

You're planning a campaign for a new product. You’re marketing it to a range of consumers across several countries. And you need to identify the most effective channels and activities.

How does 25-year-old Jack in Australia research his purchases compared with 55-year-old Jill in Denmark? Which countries are the biggest adopters of smartphones? Where are shopping habits heavily influenced by online video?

Consumer Barometer reveals how people are using the internet around the world. It's an easy way to compare cross-device digital, video and shopping habits across 56 countries and across categories including clothing and footwear, home appliances, flights, hotels, cosmetics and groceries. The valuable insights you glean will shape your planning and marketing strategies.

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You can explore Trended Data to see how internet access and device usage have evolved over time, and read Audience Stories for deeper insights into key demographic groups. Then use the Graph Builder to build custom charts to explore device usage, online video viewing and the role of the internet in shaping preferences and purchase decisions across 20 product categories in over 50 countries.

To see what makes your customers tick – and click – check out Consumer Barometer now.

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