During peak season Rompetrol increases sales and boosts brand interest

November 2017

Designed to stimulate purchase frequency and to recruit new customers, Rompetrol’s summer promotional campaign aimed to maximise sales during the peak travel season. Each time they refuelled, a customer could submit their receipt’s barcode in order to win instant prizes as well as to have more chances to win an overall prize. Digital activity supported the promotion, including search, display, video and remarketing.

About Rompetrol

Oil and energy company

Headquarters in Amsterdam

Founded in 1974


Rundown Goals

Increase sales during peak season

Boost Rompetrol brand recall

Maximise conversion rate at lower cost

Rundown Approach

Identified target buyer persona

Created campaigns using YouTube, the Google Display Network and remarketing lists for search ads

Adjusted bids

Rundown Results

300% increase in brand searches

55% conversion rate for search campaigns

57% click-through rate for brand searches

37% conversion rate for remarketing campaigns

To increase interaction with their brand and deliver a more personal online experience, Rompetrol needed to better understand the needs and the behaviour of customers. They partnered with United Media Services, a full media services agency that’s specialised in integrated communication strategy and planning, consultancy, negotiation, optimisation and efficient media buying.

United Media Services researched Rompetrol customers to understand more about their interests, searches and conversions. Based on these insights, they created a typical buyer persona and tailored Rompetrol’s digital campaigns in line with this persona’s consumption habits.

"Research and create a more complex marketing strategy based on insights from Google Analytics. Google products will help you to target the audience that has an interest in your services."

- Dragoș Andronache, Head of Online, United Media

To build awareness and consideration, the team launched Google Display Network and YouTube campaigns targeting the Rompetrol buyer persona. Meanwhile, timed bid adjustments enabled them to target users according to peak days and hours for conversions.

Capitalising on the awareness and demand generated by these campaigns, the team then responded with remarketing campaigns on display and search channels to reengage the audience, complete the funnel of conversion and to increase the frequency of buying. Using remarketing lists for search ads, United Media Services and Rompetrol could target people who were already familiar with the website and promotions and were therefore more likely to convert. Bid adjustments aimed to encourage those who didn’t convert to return and finalise the process, as well as to increase user loyalty by targeting those who had converted once. 

With consumers conducting brand searches to find the Rompetrol website in order to submit their barcodes, the summer prize promotion generated significant levels of direct demand. In fact, brand searches increased by 300% and yielded a click-through rate of 57%. The search campaigns produced a 55% conversion rate and the remarketing campaigns produced a 37% conversion rate. 

Dragoș Andronache, Head of Online at United Media Services, sums up the key factors in these successes. “We combined several types of PPC campaigns, working together in a process with one leading to another to generate optimum results. We managed to leverage insights from previous campaigns while mixing complementary PPC techniques in order to increase sales but also boost brand attributes.” 

His advice for other teams considering this kind of approach? “Start with the Google Display Network and YouTube to generate awareness. Don’t limit your brand to only respond to existing demand – generate more with display campaigns. Reengage your users with remarketing tactics to complete the funnel of conversion and make the purchase, and close the funnel with search campaigns to respond to the increased demand.”

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