Global Insights Briefing: 1 year into the pandemic

Daniel Trovato / March 2021

Each month, the Google Ads Research and Insights team analyses data sets of billions of recent search queries and consumer behaviours to develop a deep understanding of key trends.

After one year into the COVID-19 shutdowns, consumer confidence in a global recovery is slowly rising, although concerns remain. Many people want to stretch their money by prioritising affordability without sacrificing value. This month, we see growing interest in budgeting, with searches for “low budget,” “affordable health insurance,” and “outlet online” on the rise.

People also continue to search for wellness advice, like “best time to take vitamin” or “best mattress for back pain,” and seek out local places for self-care, like “dermatologist near me” and “massage places near me.”

Since virtual working and learning environments have become the norm, people are searching for self-help tech solutions, like “how to merge pdf files,” “how to share screen,” and “how to record video.”

Similarly, people want to optimise the functionality of their home spaces (“ideas for small spaces,” “storage units near me,” “furniture shop near me”). They are even moving to better accommodate their needs and are searching for “address change us post office.”1

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