Custom insights and segmentation brings Philips closer to its audience

December 2018

Consumers are complex and today’s path to purchase is rarely linear. With this in mind, Philips decided it needed to take a more holistic approach when promoting OneBlade in Romania. Using smart targeting solutions and custom creatives it delivered reach, engagement, and brand growth.

About Philips

Founded in 1891

Personal Care & Domestic Appliances

OneBlade electric razor launched in Romania, 2017


Increase reach

Boost brand awareness

Drive engagement and growth


Use audience insights to reach targets in micro-moments

Segmented campaigns across YouTube, Google Display Network and Search


Trueview ads reached 864K unique users

Bumper ads reached 436K unique users

72% lift in Ad Recall*

27.9% lift in Brand Awareness*

Philips Romania wanted to cover all aspects of the marketing funnel for OneBlade. From awareness and consideration to conversions and loyalty. The leading health technology brand set-out to launch a customer-centric full-funnel campaign that went well beyond last click thinking.

The brand already knew that its target audience were males interested in football and that they wanted to leverage excitement around FIFA’s 2018 World Cup to build further awareness and consideration for its OneBlade. It also wanted to get a better understanding of audience interests and behaviour so it could deliver more relevant messaging, in the most relevant places.

With the help of Audience Explorer, Philips got a better understanding of who its local target was, what their interests were and the kind of content they consumed. Audience Explorer analysis signals from Search, Google Display Network and YouTube to provide unique insights into audience behaviour that can be used to better predict intent.

58% of the brand’s potential target was defined as aged between 18 and 34 and 27% of them were parents. The target’s passions included Personal Grooming and Do-It-Yourself content. These affinities were divided into five targeted segments.

Segmentation Philips

Philips wanted to use these insights to reach its target in more relevant ways. To do so, the brand worked with Google to wrap its comprehensive campaign strategy around the principles of “micro-moments”.

To capture consumer attention at every step of the way, the OneBlade strategy wanted to go beyond last click thinking

Advances in mobile technology has reshaped the traditional marketing funnel. Every time somebody picks up their mobile a moment of intent is created. And this has made the awareness, consideration and purchase phases more personal and narrow.

Moments of intent don't exist in a vacuum. People research and make decisions across channels, times, and devices. Micro-moments are the times when people need to know, go, do, or buy. A holistic approach can help ensure that brands are present during these moments of interactions. Philips understood that by tapping into these moments it could get even closer to the potential targets.

To capture consumer attention at every step of the way, the OneBlade strategy wanted to go beyond last click thinking. To do so it divided its campaign into four phases with different messages, different creatives and different actions for every step. The four principal phases were designed to drive awareness, engagement, conversion and brand loyalty — each with its own unique set of KPIs.

KPIs Philips

Framing the creatives and messaging around the World Cup, the segmented OneBlade campaign was designed to target potential customers as they moved around the web —  from Search to YouTube and Remarketing with Display ads.

With a limited budget and increased fees for TV spots during the World Cup, Philips had to take smart decisions about how it invested. The brand decided to use Trueview Ads for reach and product awareness. TrueView gives the viewer the option to skip the ad and brands only pay when the target watches 30 seconds of the video. The skip button helps brands reach and pinpoint the people most interested in the product.

Once interest was piqued, the brand used non-skippable bumper ads to generate consideration and favorability. Custom creatives were used to explain how the product worked. Using fresh creatives avoids the risk of the campaign turning stale with the same spot being viewed repeatedly. It also allowed the Phillips team to expose OneBlade’s primary and secondary benefits.  

Google and IPSOS research has shown that brand metrics can decay within just three days of exposure if not quickly reinforced.1 Google Display Network was used to remarket viewers and drive purchase intent by sending them to the product landing page and online store.

Search ads were used for upper funnel goals and keep the brand on the buyers radar during “I want to know” and “I want to buy” micro-moments. Search ads used signals from YouTube and branded and non-branded keywords were constantly optimised depending on performance.

All of the ad formats and channels were grouped under one campaign ecosystem that catered for each micro-moment.

Campaign Ecosystem Philips

The results

“There’s a lot of noise around the World Cup and it takes strong creative and strategic planning to break through it. Philips took a highly segmented approach to its online video campaign with custom creatives to reach and engage with football fans.”

─ Liviu Băluță, Marketing Manager, Philips Romania

The customer-centric strategy paid off. The campaign reached over 860K unique users with view rates reaching almost 50%. Brand awareness saw a 27.9% lift and Ad Recall increased by 74.2%.

The creatives used for the “see” phase was most popular among target 1 (the audience with affinities like pop, rap and hip hop, rock and blues music) and target 5 (the audience with affinities like cooking, health & fitness, aspiring chefs, luxury shoppers). The branded video generated a 49.2% view rate among target 1 and the UGC video achieved a 46.68% view rate with target 5.

During the “think” phase of the campaign view rates reached 59%, with users keen to discover how the product worked. During the “do” phase of the campaign, responsive ads on GDN generated a mobile Click Through Rate of 2.34% — the highest CTR across the campaign.

The search campaign drove a combined CTR of 17.18% for branded and non-branded ads and a total conversion rate of 21.81%. Continuous optimisation helped drive impression share levels to over 90% for branded keywords and more than 80% for non-branded keywords.

By taking a holistic approach and gaining a clearer understanding of user behaviour, Philips managed to deliver a personalised campaign that drove reach, awareness, and performance across channels and segments.

“With the insights we initially received from Google we were able to localise our globally defined audience and see their online behavior during the World Cup. This helped us to create relevant content and be present in the relevant micro-moments for our OneBlade audience.”

─ Diana Ștefan, Digital Marketing Manager, Philips Romania

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