How to become a brand for female business leaders

September 2019

Embracing International Women’s Day is something lots of brands do when the days are close to March 8. But opening a department within your company just dedicated to women? Focusing on female business leaders? Let’s have a look at TEB’s approach, the first bank in Turkey creating a separate department just for women, and how they managed to reach a larger audience at a lower cost with a comprehensive strategy at YouTube.

Türk Ekonomi Bankası (TEB) is the first bank in Turkey to create a separate department within a bank dedicated to Women's Banking. The department focuses on female business leaders and aims to address their business needs through an integrated service approach. TEB has a vision of "being the bank of female business leaders" and "being the bank which female business leaders want to work with most." It provides female business leaders with training, advice, and mentoring on key issues such as access to information and access to new markets, as well as funding to grow their businesses. Through these measures, TEB helps female business leaders overcome the obstacles they face in various areas of business life.

Accordingly, TEB decided to set up a campaign to reach the audience specifically for Women's Day, and convey the message that it wants Women's Day to be associated with TEB. With the aim of maximum audience reach, they used the Instant Reserve purchase method, and TrueView for Reach, Masthead, Bumper, and non-skippable ads on YouTube.

Instant Reserve is a new reservation feature in Google Ads that provides a better buying experience for advertisers by combining digital features with the best TV purchasing features. With Instant Reserve, advertisers have a simplified "set and forget" reservation campaign management solution that automatically manages and sets CPM for a fixed budget spend in order to reach a predetermined number of impressions.

TEB Brand and Communication Executive Director Zeynep Demirkol shares her thoughts about this project with us; “We managed to reach our audience at a maximum level and at a much more affordable cost compared to the same campaign last year. The Brand Lift survey showed a 10% increase in the ad recall metric. We will continue to use Instant Reserve and access-based format selections in access-based campaigns."

YouTube was at the center of the digital campaign and played an active role in achieving reach goals and creating brand and campaign awareness for the period around International Women's Day on March 8. By the end of the four-day campaign, 20 million unique users had been reached. Conducted with the right creative, right format selection, and the right purchasing model, this project showed a much stronger performance in reach results and cost-per-thousand impressions compared with the campaign for the same period last year. Bumper costs decreased by 26% and TrueView costs decreased by 56%.

We managed to reach our audience at a maximum level and at a much more affordable cost compared to the same campaign last year.
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