How Telefónica increased its mobile sales leads by 33% with AMP technology

April 2019

Telefónica, one of the largest private telecommunications companies in the world with a presence in 25 countries, sought to increase sales, reduce conversion costs and increase self-management. Aware of the importance of mobile phones in daily life around the world, the company decided to try out Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology to achieve its business objectives.


Increase sales, reduce conversion costs and increase user self-service

Improve performance of key landing pages

Influence user purchasing decisions


Design a test and select a suitable campaign type to draw conclusions

Adopt AMP technology

Optimise landing pages


70% increase in page load speeds

31% increase in search clickthrough rates

33% growth in clicks that result in leads

Mobile  phones have become an essential part of everyday life for people all over the world and have had a particular impact on the telecommunications industry. Over 55% of Spanish digital users search Google for telecommunications products using mobile devices (48% in 2016) and in 2018, over 70% of telecommunications web traffic originated from mobile devices.

Against this backdrop, Telefónica's main goal has been to grow sales in its services through its online channel, lowering conversion costs and increasing self-management. To do this, it was essential to improve returns from critical landing pages for influencing users' purchasing decisions, while taking into account that this improvement had to be designed mainly for low-powered devices with limited connections. Improvements were also sought in the customer journey right across the conversion funnel, while ensuring content customisation by audience type.

Owing to the growing adoption of digital technology and a landscape in which the mobile web has become a key element in recent years, the Spanish division of the Telefónica online channel recognised the need for a mobile-first philosophy dedicated to offering the best possible digital experience to each individual mobile device user. For many people, the display on their mobile device has become a window to the world, through which they want to receive a rapid, fluid and customised experience.

Aware of the impact of load speed on its business metrics, Telefónica decided it needed the fastest possible load speed for its landing pages. The company therefore designed a test in Google Ads Experiments that enabled it to draw conclusions on the impact of the returns on landing pages on its business metrics. The solution was to switch to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), an open source project supported by Google with the main aim of improving website load speeds on smartphones. AMP technology provides a better experience for users, increasing the number of visits, interactions and time spent on the page. It can also indirectly help improve organic positioning (SEO) since load speed, especially on mobile, is one of the most highly-prized factors and that particular content can be seen more easily.

According to various studies, if a website doesn't load properly within 3 seconds on mobile devices, 53% of users leave the page1. With AMP technology, Telefónica has succeeded in improving load speed by 70%, going from a load speed of 6 seconds to just 2 seconds over 3G connections. These improvements have enabled the company to grow search click-through rates by 31% and improve the number of clicks that result in leads by 33%.

With results like this, Telefónica intends to continue assessing the results of its business metrics, scaling up this approach to all landing pages for capturing business and using AMP technology for display creatives.

How Telefónica increased its mobile sales leads by 33% with AMP technology
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