Orange Romania uses Dynamic Ads to Increase Conversion Rates by 83% in its Hot Summer Sale

March 2018

Orange Romania ran dynamic ads with discounts that were triggered by high temperatures. The ads helped increase conversion rates and sales by targeting consumers with deals during times of the day with unusually warm weather.

About Orange

Telecom Company

In Romania since 1997


Increase sales during summer campaign

Increase conversion rate during varying time intervals

Boost Orange’s brand recall


Dynamic ads were created with a script that allowed discounts to appear depending on the temperature

These dynamic ads were implemented across search, display and video to capture all the moments that matter in the customer journey and reinforce messaging


83% more conversions with dynamic ads

57% lower CPA with dynamic ads

Increase in overall YoY sales

With over 10 million customers and a revenue of 277 million euros, Orange Romania is the country’s leading telecom company. Orange first landed in Romania in 1997, and since then has been disrupting the local market with its commitment to quality above all else. Its current 4G coverage is available throughout the country’s urban areas and the company’s network has been recognised for three consecutive years as best in show.

In 2015, the company launched “Essentials2020”, putting customer experience at the very heart of its strategic plan by providing undiluted access to its new generation networks.

Renowned for its creative approach, Orange embraces innovative marketing and communication with bold campaigns. This fresh approach to creative means that the company is always willing to try new ideas to grow its business.

It’s Getting Hot in Here

Romanian summers are hot. It’s common for temperatures to reach well over 35°C and the weather is a typical topic of conversation. Orange runs a summer sale every year but decided to add a creative twist to their latest campaign in a bid to lower their Cost Per Action and increase overall conversions.

The “Hot Summer” campaign was designed to engage with customers by making a connection between offline temperatures and online discounts. Orange couldn’t control the weather but it could control when discounts are shown to customers by using temperature sensitive dynamic ads.

Orange Romania-1

Discounts were available for temperatures above 20°C and Orange cut prices by 1% for every one degree increase. So when temperatures hit 30°C, consumers were given a 10% discount in the online store. As temperatures rose, engagement increased.   

Extensive research and analysis of the sales campaign revealed that people usually made purchases between 1pm and 4pm because they assumed that that’s when the highest daily temperatures occurred. But an analysis of the summer weather showed that sometimes the highest temperatures were during the morning and later in the evening.

Contrary to popular belief, some of the best deals were available in the morning and later in the evening. The challenge was getting this message across to consumers.

Dynamic Weather Sensitive Ads

Orange wanted to increase its sales window by showing customers that greater discounts were in fact available outside 1pm and 4pm.

Orange Romania_2

The dynamic ads were designed to extend the sales timeframe by making a real-time connection between actual temperatures and greater discounts.  

A script was developed for the dynamic ads that gathered information from the INMH (the national weather institute) to show the current temperature and the discount that was available. Non-dynamic ads were run in parallel to test the impact of the dynamic temperature sensitive ads.  

The Dynamic Silver Lining

By showing customers that discounts were available in the morning or late in the evening, conversions rose during those times. When compared to the non-dynamic campaign, the temperature sensitive ads showed increases in sales throughout the entire day.

After a period of 6 weeks the results were as follows:

  • Conversion rates for the dynamic ads compared to the generic ads were 83% higher
  • The CPA for conversions from dynamic ads was 57% lower
  • The overall number of sales increased because people were able to make a clearer connection between the weather and big discounts, even in the morning or evening
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