Studio Moderna switches to Smart Shopping to boost online conversions by almost 80%

Sara Rotter, Nikola Jellacic, Sibila Mesaric, Domen Cot / February 2019

About Studio Moderna

Founded in 1992

Omni-channel retailer

Headquarters in Ljubljana, Slovenia


Increase revenue

Increase profitability

Improve current Shopping campaign


Test Smart Shopping campaigns in two markets: Poland and Czech Republic

Measure results and roll out wherever available


76% increase in revenue

79% increase in conversions

167% increase in ROI

Eager to stay ahead of the competition, Studio Moderna wanted to test Smart Shopping to determine if new campaign formats could help boost online revenue.

Studio Moderna is an omni-channel retailer that sells a wide range of products to consumers — including sporting equipment, home and garden supplies, and beauty products. Based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the company has more than 21 offices across Central Europe and has been in business for over 25 years.

Studio Moderna uses various channels to sell its products including DRTV, telemarketing, retail, and print. The company’s websites receive over 280K visitors per day and online sales is one its fastest growing sales channels.

Keen to find new ways of improving its online campaigns, the brand wanted to test replacing traditional Shopping campaigns with Google Smart Shopping in late 2018. The marketing team decided to run test trials in Poland and Czech Republic.

Google Smart Shopping combines traditional Shopping and remarketing and uses machine learning to help reach shoppers across Google’s sites and networks. It determines when ads should appear and how much to bid for them, what products are right for each customer and the correct time to display them.

Smart Shopping also automatically optimises campaigns to find customers who are more likely to convert. This means that creating and maintaining campaigns is a straightforward process that takes less time and effort, while producing better results.

“The set up is super easy and performance has significantly improved. There is also very little maintenance or optimisation required once the campaign is performing.”

—  Sibila Mesarič, Digital advertising specialist, Studio Moderna

The team paused standard Shopping campaigns in Polish and Czech markets, replaced them with Smart Shopping for a 30 day test period, and kept dynamic remarketing campaigns running. For comparable results, they maintained the same budget that was used for standard Shopping campaigns.

The results

The shift to a performance-driven model paid off for Studio Moderna. After the test period, conversions grew by >79% and revenue by >76%. Most notably, overall ROI increased by 2.6X.

The results surpassed all expectations and led Studio Moderna to making Google Smart Shopping its default Shopping campaign type, ending the use of the third party bid management system. It has also expanded its use of Smart Shopping to its Russian and Ukrainian markets, and the team is planning to roll out the Smart Shopping wherever it is available.

“We are very happy with Smart Shopping campaigns and are looking forward to being able to expand them to our other markets when they will be available.”

—  Domen Čot, Digital advertising specialist, Studio Moderna

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