A traditional bank goes digital with Google Data Studio

February 2018

With more than 2 million active customers, Česká spořitelna is the Czech Republic’s largest bank. Most of these customers start their journey with the bank through online sales channels and then make their way offline through call centres or brick and mortar branches. To get a holistic view of how its digital channels were driving conversions, Česká spořitelna turned to Google Data Studio.

About Česká spořitelna

Česká spořitelna is the largest bank in the Czech Republic

Headquarters: Prague, Czech Republic



Streamline data workflow

Establish a single point of reference for all data

Reduce meeting preparation time

Enable a deep dive into data details in real time


Monitor trends on Data Studio

Open access to data across company and external media agency


25% conversion lift in last 6 months

50% less time required for meeting preparation

Ability to optimise multiple campaigns with fewer than 10 people, including agency

Launching a top-down data strategy

Launching a top-down data strategy

Founded in 1825, Česká spořitelna has stood the test of time, but in the last few years its processes were starting to feel a little creaky. The bank often gathered data in a very sophisticated way, but it had been focused more on collecting data than using it. Its employees were still manually importing data into spreadsheets, and its media agency had its own reporting workflows, resulting in frequent communications and wasted time.

Recognising that digital information is the company’s most important asset, Česká spořitelna decided to make it a key part of every business process — from strategy to daily tasks. But first, the bank had to find a better solution for managing data. Since Česká spořitelna was already using Google products like Google Analytics and DoubleClick, adding Google Data Studio to the mix was a no-brainer.

A time-saving tool

Through Data Studio, Česká spořitelna was able to transform its data into fully customisable, robust dashboards and reports. These dashboards help employees monitor traffic and sales trends with a quick glance — and if anything jumps out, they can drill down to see if there are any issues with their impressions, clicks, product, or other factors. “Data Studio is great because in just a few seconds, our team — together with our agency — can look from the highest level of the campaign to the most detailed level,” said David Vopelka, Digital Marketing Manager at Česká spořitelna.

And because Data Studio makes it simple to share reports, Česká spořitelna and its media agency were able to have a single point of reference for all digital information. This open access to data has allowed both parties to make the most of their meetings. Now, there’s no time wasted on preparing graphs: Everyone can focus their efforts on discussing strategy and assigning tasks, and they’ve reduced meeting preparation time by 50%.

“When we have regular meetings with our agency, the shared dashboards on Data Studio help us make sure we’re not wasting time preparing”.

—David Vopelka, Digital Marketing Manager, Česká spořitelna

Data gets socialized across the company

Through Data Studio, Česká spořitelna has seen a 25% increase in conversions over just six months. But it’s also changed the way they work — with Data Studio, there’s no more siloed data between teams. In fact, it’s led departments through the company to create goals based on real-time reports. “All the managers are pushing teams to focus on data and see how it impacts every part of the business,” says Vopelka. “Data is everywhere; the benefits from Data Studio are instantaneous”.

To support this effort, Česká spořitelna makes data open to everyone at the company, and it’s developing training procedures to help other teams and departments read dashboards and find value in them. From small use cases to larger scale strategies, the bank has recognised that wins can be made anywhere.

“It’s important to give freedom to everyone. You need to allow every specialist and expert in the company to think about data.”

—David Vopelka, Digital Marketing Manager at Česká spořitelna

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