Automation delivers 180% more conversions for Orange’s internet and TV offer

July 2019

Orange Romania combines automated bidding with remarketing to find audiences most likely to purchase.

Orange Romania is a leading telecommunications company with over 20 years in the local market and more than 10 million customers. As a mobile operator and retailer, their most important service is Orange Love, providing consumers with a range of connected services including mobile, TV, and fibre internet. The company was aiming to reach ambitious growth targets in lead generation for Orange Love in a very competitive market. Their goals were to grow reach among households eligible for Orange subscription services and to increase conversions.

Several search campaigns were already running, including one using remarketing lists for search ads to customise the messaging to key audiences. On top of this approach, they decided to increase brand coverage and put machine learning to work by activating Smart Bidding. To do so, they switched from a manual cost per click target to the Google Ads automated strategy maximise conversions.

The automated strategy was the key for reaching our objectives.

The results of combining the automated bid strategy with remarketing were significantly better than those from the manual bidding strategy. After activating Smart Bidding, Orange Romania saw a huge increase in conversions and a decrease in cost per action: the total number of conversions grew by 180% in four weeks, with a 41% decrease in cost per acquisition and 42% drop in cost per click. Moreover, the most profitable type of conversions (eligibility) grew by 575%, proving that Smart Bidding can deliver on various KPIs at the same time.

“The outcome of this experiment exceeded our expectations,” affirms Performance Manager Alex Volocaru. “We started the experiment not knowing if there would be any significant changes, and it turned out the automated strategy was the key for reaching our objectives.”

Looking ahead, the team says it is now keen to try new bidding strategies in their campaigns and to experiment more. “To deliver a stellar experience, we aim to better understand our digital environment and why data is actually the key to a new formula for growth, a framework for convergence of advertising, which means a data-driven buying approach,” Alex says.

Future plans include testing other automated bidding strategies in combination with audiences not only on search campaigns, but also in display and YouTube.

Automation is the key to taking your search marketing from good to great