Increased YoY Revenue Growth by 210% with Mobile Conversions and DDA

March 2018


Online electronic and gadget retailer

Founded in 2000

49 offline stores and one online store


Increase conversion rates with AdWords

Increase online store visits with AdWords

Increase overall revenue


Track conversions on the MCC level in order to avoid counting conversions twice on different accounts

Cross-device conversions tracking to see how mobile traffic impacted on total number of conversions

Use Data Driven Attribution to measure impact of each campaign, ad group, and keyword on conversions and act on this data

Increased bids on Mobile +35% while removing negative mobile bids


210% YoY e-commerce revenue growth

292% YoY mobile revenue growth

426% YoY mobile sessions growth

252% YoY transaction growth was determined to build a unified approach to AdWords to give them a better understanding of their online performance so they could make smarter decisions. By adopting a more aligned approach to AdWords, they revealed the true value of mobile and managed to increase their Year on Year mobile traffic by 426%, online conversions by 252% and overall e-commerce revenue by 210%.

With a product line ranging from electronic goods to sporting equipment, is one of the Ukraine’s leading online retailers. The company uses Google AdWords to drive new customers to its website in a bid to increase conversions and overall revenue.

It used Last Click Attribution and measured the effectiveness of its AdWords’ campaigns on different accounts for different devices. This meant that the company didn’t have a big picture breakdown for the performance of each device and they were making budget decisions in the dark when it came to mobile.

The online retailer worked with Google to implement a more unified approach to AdWords that would allow them to increase traffic and conversion rates across devices. The online retailer decided to use Data-Driven Attribution, Cross-Device Conversions and MCC level conversion tracking for a better understanding of business impact.

The new approach allowed the company to see the full impact of mobile and desktop on conversions from Google search and make better decisions when it came to budget. It removed negative bids on mobile and increased mobile bidding by 35%. These simple changes saw mobile sessions grow by 426% YoY and these new visitors were converted into mobile customers. Mobile revenue grew by 292% YoY and total e-commerce revenue grew by 210% YoY across all digital channels.

Using Google Measurement & Attribution solutions helped us to see the potential in mobile traffic as the source which can deliver new potential buyers and transactions. Increasing this source helped us to increase our revenue and other commercial KPI's.”

- Vyacheslav Volokha, Chief E-commerce Officer

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