Guerrilla CV Workroom uses smart display campaigns to improve conversions at a lower cost

June 2019

Guerrilla CV Workroom helps job seekers in all aspects of their path to employment. It chose to experiment with Smart Display campaigns to see if it could help achieve more registrations for a webinar it was running. At the same time it wanted to lower its conversion costs while establishing predictable daily conversion numbers.

About Guerrilla CV Workroom

Founded in 2010

Provider of consulting services for job seekers

Headquarters in Budapest, Hungary

About Lindcom Agency

Online marketing agency

Provides support for Google Ads account management, optimization and campaign strategy development

2 years of collaboration with Guerilla CV Workroom

Headquarters in Budapest, Hungary


Signup jobseekers for a free tutorial

Achieve registrations for a paid webinar

Achieve plannable conversion number to correctly forecast webinar participation rate


Set up cost-per-action (CPA) targets

Used machine learning techniques to optimise bidding

Created responsive display and search ads


20% lower conversion cost

2% higher conversion rate

Predictable daily conversion numbers

Established almost a decade ago in 2010 and headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, Guerrilla CV Workroom provides a range of services for job seekers. The aim is to prepare them with advice and expertise, as well as arm them with the core skills needed to succeed in what continues to be a competitive and rapidly changing labour market.

The company focuses on teaching unique job searching techniques that allow customers to find and access roles they might not otherwise be able to discover. Additionally it helps candidates to properly prepare for interviews to ensure they have the techniques and capabilities to perform well.

One of the main target audiences for Guerrilla CV Workroom is the over 40 demographic, and as such the company offers complimentary materials for job seekers in this age category. Guerrilla CV Workroom wanted to signup job seekers over the age of 40 for a free tutorial it was offering on its website, with the ultimate aim of achieving registrations for a paid webinar from this target audience.

While not having specific figures in mind, the company was looking for ways to achieve a plannable conversion number that would allow them to correctly forecast the participation rate for the subsequent webinar. The team chose to experiment with Smart display campaigns using responsive display ads, and utilising machine learning to optimise its bidding strategy.

Smart Display campaigns make setting up and managing Display advertising a simple and straightforward process. They can be designed and created in a short period of time and with minimal effort, meaning businesses are able to swiftly and easily build campaigns. They then automatically optimise using Google’s advanced machine learning. Guerrilla CV Workroom chose to set a target cost-per-action (Target CPA) to maintain an average cost per conversion at this desired level.

The results

The results were promising and Guerrilla CV Workroom managed to increase its conversion rate by 2% while simultaneously achieving a 20% lower conversion cost. “In addition to continuous optimisation, we experienced wavering performance in terms of Display Network performance. There were days with high conversion numbers and low conversion costs, while there were days when campaigns were running at a very low conversion rate but at a high conversion cost,” says Linda Szaladják, Google Ads advertising specialist at Lindcom agency.

Choosing to use pay for conversions, coupled with setting a low t-CPA, not only helped to boost its conversion rate but also enabled it to attain reliably predictable daily conversion numbers at the same time.

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