How Kytary uses Smart Shopping campaigns to quickly expand into new markets

March 2019

About Kytary

Musical instrument and audio equipment retailer

Founded in 2000

Headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic


Expand brand into multiple European markets

Achieve profitability in the least amount of time

Improve ROAS


Used Smart Shopping campaign as key market entry strategy


796% increase in revenue

551% increase in conversions

2X increase in ROAS

As a large musical instrument and audio equipment retailer in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Kytary wanted to expand its operations into new European territories. The brand worked with its agency partner Kofein to use Smart Shopping campaign in a bid to expand rapidly in highly competitive markets.

Founded in 2000, Prague-based Kytary established themselves as one of the leading musical instrument and audio equipment retailers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. They wanted to expand operations to new European markets ⁠— and increase profitability as quickly as possible.

Expansion began In 2016 when Kytary launched in the highly competitive Polish market, renowned for its low prices. To overcome these barriers the retailer worked with its agency Kofein to focus on offering additional services that were generally not provided by competitors — like fast delivery and longer warranty periods.

Kytary used humorous messaging on Google Display Network to establish the brand, products and services, while simultaneously building an engaged community. Shopping Ads and remarketing boosted conversions by 139% and revenue by 56%, helping the Polish expansion achieve profitability within twelve months of launch — a year ahead of schedule.

After successfully entering Polish, Romanian and Hungarian markets, they decided to sell their products in the UK.

Kytary made the decision to use Smart Shopping campaigns at the core of its entry strategy into the UK market as a cost effective way to achieve their goals. Smart Shopping combines Standard Shopping campaigns with dynamic remarketing campaigns. The campaign subtype uses machine learning to automatically determine when ads should appear, how much to bid for them, which products are right for the customer, the correct time to display them, and more. Smart Shopping campaigns also automatically optimise to find customers that are more likely to convert and spend more.

By effectively running across Google’s entire suite of sites and networks through Smart Shopping campaigns, Kytary was able to reach potential buyers throughout their customer journey. The new approach helped Kytary generate profit in the UK within just three months, delivering a 796% increase in revenue, a 551% increase in conversions, and double the ROAS.

Kytary is now setting its sights on further growth and once again looking at new markets it can expand into using Smart Shopping campaign.

Filip Černý, Chief Marketing Officer at Audio Partner explains, “Smart Shopping campaigns helped us to reach our goals with maximal efficiency and low spend. It was a really quick win. We love AI solutions and are not afraid to experiment with them. These types of campaigns are now an important part of our marketing mix."

Due to the overwhelming success, Kytary is now setting its sights on further growth and once again looking at new markets it can expand into using Smart Shopping campaign.

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