Smart display campaigns help iWYZE increase conversion rate by 562%

January 2018

Although insurance provider iWYZE had found success advertising across the Google Display Network, the company wanted to take advantage of all available tools to drive further performance gains. They decided to test Smart display campaigns to see whether automation could produce better results than traditional methods.

About iWyze

Launched in 2010

Short-term insurance and life insurance

Head office in Cape Town, South Africa


Improve on performance of traditional display campaigns


Launched Smart display campaigns


68% increase in click-through rate

78% decrease in cost per acquisition

562% increase in conversion rate

By shifting from manually optimising their campaigns to using Smart display campaigns, iWYZE was able to take advantage of the power of Google’s machine learning to automatically create image, native and text ads to fit anywhere across the Google Display Network and set the right bids to meet the company’s performance goals.

iWYZE opted to use the Smart Bidding strategy Target CPA, which automatically set bids to help get as many conversions as possible at a target cost per acquisition. “We liked the fact that Smart display campaigns eliminated the guesswork when it came to campaign setup and targeting selection”, explains Zach Motsei, iWYZE Digital Specialist. “The fact that it works on Target CPA from day one and utilises machine learning to set bids was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up.”

“Using Smart Display ads we were able to see remarkable results. Allowing Google to use its machine learning tech to strategically place us in front of the right audience at the right time. We were able to see a massive increase in conversion rate and a significant decrease in cost per lead, smart displays quick and easy set up, allows us as an agency to focus more of our time on the campaigns strategic and creative execution and using the power of data we are able to optimize towards the best creative”

– Kuhle Verby, Paid Search Specialist, Arc Worldwide

“Going forward, Smart display campaigns will definitely form part of our overall digital marketing strategy.”

– Riana Smit, Head of Digital Solutions, iWyze

Comparing Smart display campaigns to the previous traditional approach, iWYZE produced a 68% increase in click-through rate, a 78% reduction in cost per acquisition and a 562% increase in conversion rate.

With these success metrics to hand, Zach says iWYZE plans to continue to leverage the opportunities of automation. “Machine learning is definitely a talking point not only in our own business but also globally, so we plan on exploring more automated solutions and expanding our adoption across Dynamic Search Ads and AdWords Smart Bidding.”

Automation is the key to taking your search marketing from good to great