AutoDoc drives down CPA by 289% and doubles conversions with Universal App Campaigns for Action

July 2018

Using Universal App Campaigns for Action, AutoDoc, an online auto part seller, managed to push Cost per Action down by 289%, increase in-app actions by over 500% and double its conversion rate.

About AutoDoc

Online auto parts store

Founded in 2008


Drive more app installs

Increase in-app engagement

Boost app conversions


Set up more accurate conversion tracking

Create new UAC campaigns based on fixed conversion tracking

Launch UAC for Action in top markets


289% Lower Cost per Action

Over 500% more in-app actions

Doubled conversion rate

People are downloading more apps and spending more time using them than ever before. Apps can build stronger relationships with consumers. In a mobile-first world, apps provide the fast and frictionless mobile experiences that consumers demand. But it’s no fairytale when it comes to attaining and retaining a mobile app audience. The reality is that consumers abandon just as many apps as they download.

AutoDoc, one of Europe’s largest online stores for auto parts, knows all too well the importance of attaining audiences and that app real estate is limited. As performance driven marketers, AutoDoc relies heavily on their mobile app promotions to reach new customers and drive conversions.

Founded in 2008, the online store with headquarters in Germany, had been using Universal App Campaigns to reach thrifty motorists. They were investing heavily in app promotion but installs and in-app actions hit a plateau.

AutoDoc turned to Google to help them attract more users and deliver more conversions and in-app engagement. The first challenge the team encountered were issues with conversion and in-app tracking. A detailed analysis of the company’s account and a restructuring of its tracking was carried out to identify specific in-app actions that were most likely to boost ROI.  

The campaigns were then relaunched on UAC and optimised for Action to ensure that they were reaching the right people all of the time. UAC for Actions, specifically targets users whose preference and history indicate a high probability that they will carry out a specific action.

During previous app promotion campaigns, AutoDoc tended to err on the side of caution when it came to bidding. Following Google best practices, the company began to bid a little higher and the tCPA (Target Cost per Action) gradually began to drop. After just two short weeks, AutoDoc saw encouraging conversion rates and the CPA was extremely close to their target.

"In-app purchase campaigns have dramatically increased the number of new users. And most importantly, these campaigns were driving several times higher sales than ordinary installs campaigns.”

- Vadim Giscev, Head of AutoDoc’s Mobile Department.

AutoDoc pushed down Cost per Action by an impressive 289%, saw over 500% more in-app actions and doubled its conversion rate. Performance continued to improve and AutoDoc decided to duplicate and scale the campaign across all of its markets.  

"In-app purchase campaigns have dramatically increased the number of new users. And most importantly, these campaigns were driving several times higher sales than ordinary installs campaigns. As a result, we’ve got better ROI and LTV performance. This gave us an option to increase the application budget on Google Ads," said Vadim Giscev, Head of AutoDoc’s Mobile Department.

The app market is more crowded than ever but with advances in machine learning and strategic tweaks in paid promotions, mobile marketers are reaching and engaging with the right users in the moments that matter.

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