Carrefour Italia Keeps the Aisles Stocked with Mobile Shoppers

December 2017

As a leading European grocery retailer, Carrefour Italia operates over 1,000 stores and neighbourhood markets across all of Italy’s 18 regions. The brand wanted to use the power of digital advertising to drive foot traffic to physical stores, and to measure the impact of display advertising campaigns on the company’s bottom line.

About Carrefour Italia

European grocery retailer

Founded in 1993

Over 1,000 grocery stores across Italy’s 18 regions

Rundown Goals

Drive foot traffic to stores<

Increase brand awareness

Understand how display ads impact the bottom line

Rundown Approach

Expanded campaigns to include display

Used location extensions to show online shoppers nearby store locations

Implemented store visits measurement for the Google Display Network (GDN)

Segmented store visits data by device

Rundown Results

25% of clicks on display ads led to an in-store visit

90% of display store visits were driven by mobile

Carrefour Italia expanded its campaigns to include display ads to drive more shoppers in-store with seasonal brand campaigns and events, like music festivals and discounts for Christmas and Easter. Through the inclusion of location extensions, the display campaigns showed online shoppers nearby store locations.

The Carrefour Italia team implemented store visits measurement for the Google Display Network (GDN) to better understand how the ads were influencing in-store traffic. By segmented store visits data by device, they could also see which platforms were more effective at driving shoppers to physical stores.

"Store visits measurement has changed how we approach our digital campaigns. Access to these valuable insights is the first step in driving success for businesses facing the future challenges of the retail industry."

- Federica Palermini, Brand Communication & Digital Innovation Manager, Carrefour Italia

As a result of these initiatives, Carrefour Italia produced a 25% store visits conversion rate and drove more in-store traffic, with 90% of that traffic led by mobile.

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