Caserola Grows Mobile Conversions by 300% through Smart Optimisations

July 2017

Caserola aims to bring a personal touch in delivering food from top restaurants to Bucharest-based consumers. Once a user orders food through Caserola, the company places the order with the partner restaurant and delivers it to the customer’s door. Caserola wanted to create a consistent user experience across devices, presenting the same offer whether viewed on the website from a mobile browser, or on iOS or Android apps.

About Caserola

Launched in 2012

Based in Bucharest

Food delivery service


Create consistent user experience across devices

Improve scalability

Reduce errors

Reach target audience with appropriate, relevant messaging


Moved to Google Cloud Platform

Adopted Firebase

Optimised AdWords campaigns and creatives for mobile

Launched Universal App Campaigns


Improved return on investment by more than 30%

Grew mobile conversions 300%

Decreased cost per conversion by 30%

Increased mobile-driven income 9X

“We’re focusing on a niche of corporate customers looking for access to top restaurants’ menus, fast delivery and best-in-class service”, explains General Manager Bianca Rusu. “We needed a scalable, fast solution based on a common backend in order to reduce errors, and we needed to send the right message, at the right time, to the specific niche that we’re targeting.”

When the team launched a redesigned website, mobile site and two apps, Caserola chose to take advantage of Google infrastructure and moved to the Google Cloud Platform. The common backend for the sites and apps is now hosted on a customised machine on Google Cloud, which allows the company to scale quickly and reliably,, even at the most crowded times of the day.

Looking for a unified analytics platform for apps that would allow segmentation and easy tracking of conversions across multiple ad networks, Caserola adopted Firebase at the same time. They revised their AdWords strategy as well, developing a device-specific approach to bidding and adopting Universal App Campaigns to efficiently promote both the Android and iOS apps. Campaigns are now optimised for both time of day and device, since customers’ food ordering behaviour differs throughout the day, while Caserola’s mobile ads feature appropriate calls to action and call extensions.

"While in terms of service we want to feel like a local, family business, when we think about technology we want to be world-class, the trendsetters in the market".

- Bianca Rusu, General Manager, Caserola

Previously, Caserola’s share of mobile lagged at 15% compared to the market average of 30%, but after overhauling their mobile strategy, today nearly 50% of their AdWords search campaigns’ acquisitions are coming from mobile devices. By using call extensions and differentiating bids based on device and time of day has increased return on investment by more than 30%.

After optimising the mobile site speed, Caserola used Test My Site and found that page load times went from from 3.5 seconds to under 2 seconds. Since launching the mobile site and optimising the site’s speed, Caserola’s mobile-driven income has increased nine-fold, AdWords mobile impressions are up by 200%, mobile clicks have improved by 250% and mobile conversions have grown by 300%.

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