Fashion Days® strategy for increasing Android App installs

February 2017

In terms of online marketing, the company’s mission is twofold: to provide to all its users a great shopping experience and to inspire positive and unique style changes. Also Fashion Days aims to be perceived as a fashion expert in order to guide the users to experiment new looks and rediscover new and improve versions of themselves.


Increase installs of the Android mobile app

Drive cost-efficient installs

Reach a large number of mobile users


Run App Installs Campaigns: Universal App Campaign, Mobile App Install Campaigns (Search, GDN) and TrueView Mobile App Promotion

Use specific messages / creative and tailored video content on YouTube

Use Target CPA bidding option


16 000 Android app downloads generated in a tight period of time

Achieved the target cost per install objective

Reached a big number of mobile users across Google Search, the Google Display Network and YouTube

In a mobile-first world, with more than 50% of all website traffic coming from mobile and with an awarded mobile app (Best eCommerce Mobile App - GPeC 2014), Fashion Days aims understands the opportunities that can be provided by mobile. That’s why, for this year, the company wanted to boost the volume of app installs in order to reward all its mobile app users with an early Black Friday - the Special Sale Event has started within the app 4 hours prior to the website.

The main challenge Fashion Days needed to overcome was to generate a large volume of app installs in a short period of time. With its digital marketing agency Conversion, Fashion Days agreed to implement a strategy that involved 3 kinds of app install campaigns: Universal App Campaign, Mobile App Install Campaigns (Search Network, Google Display Network) and TrueView for Mobile Ads Promotion.

Using specific ad copy / creative for Mobile App Install campaigns (Search / Display), tailored video content in combination with a wide variety of targeting settings and with target CPA bidding option, Fashion Days campaigns reached a large number of devices in a short period of time and successfully recorded almost 16 000 Android app downloads, achieving also the desired cost per download. Interesting results were noticed in the following campaigns:

  • TrueView for Mobile Ads Promotion:CTR - 1.1%, CR – 1.2%
  • Mobile App Install - Display:CTR - 1.09%; CR - 5.97%
  • Mobile App Install - Search:CTR – 12%, CR – 47%

Fashion Days: “The strategy was definitely a success, this year the revenue from the mobile apps was higher than the one recorded last year. Overall, the mobile apps generated 56% of the total number of Black Friday’s sales.”

Inventive Use of Mobile Voice Search and TrueView Shoppable Videos on YouTube Bring Ted Baker’s Campaign to Life