Faster pages help DiscoverCarHire boost mobile bookings by 29%

April 2019

DiscoverCarHire helps people in more than 150 countries find the best rental car offers to meet their needs. When the DiscoverCarHire team set out to improve their mobile website user experience, they decided to specifically address site speed as a way of providing a better service to their customers.

A month of mobile UX development sees DiscoverCarHire’s page load times drop by 86%.


Improve mobile website user experience


Redeveloped site pages using accelerated mobile pages (AMP)


Doubled mobile click-through rate

Increased mobile visits by 20%

Grew mobile conversions by 29%

Increased conversion rate by 13%

Cut mobile cost per conversion by 23%

Improved return on mobile investment by 20%

DiscoverCarHire redeveloped many pages of their site using accelerated mobile pages (AMP), an open-source custom web development framework created to speed up the loading time of web pages on mobile devices. To compare how the new pages performed against the old ones, the team ran an A/B test for two months across every country where the brand is active.

The development took about four weeks and dramatically changed the site’s performance. With AMP, the average page load speed decreased from more than seven seconds to less than one second.

This in turn produced additional performance wins. DiscoverCarHire’s mobile click-through rate doubled, while mobile visits increased by 20% and mobile conversions grew by 29%. Alongside a 13% uptick in conversion rate, mobile cost per conversion dropped by 23%.

By delivering a lightning fast mobile website experience we were able to improve return on mobile investment by 20%. More than 70% of mobile organic visits are coming through AMP pages. AMP really moved the needle for DiscoverCarHire.

– Dmitrijs Zaznovs, Chief Marketing Officer, DiscoverCarHire

Next DiscoverCarHire plans to roll out AMP pages across the entire website, add progressive web apps (PWA) functionality to boost user engagement, and implement Google Pay to make the payment process easier for customers.

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