A festive recipe for the perfect mobile experience

Marta Guzek / November 2018

Serving up the perfect Holiday mobile experience is no piece of cake. It takes preparation, patience, attention to detail, and know-how. Make the most of this festive season by getting the ingredients right with these mobile retail insights and tips.

Follow the breadcrumbs

At this time of the year, consumers are hungry to make purchases. Last year, there were almost four million searches for “gifts” in the run up to Christmas and 62% of shoppers plan their Holiday spending in advance1. With almost three million searches in Poland last year for shopping holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday — it’s clear that early shoppers are keen bargain hunters2.

It’s important that your ready mobile experience is ready for these early shoppers. Be there and be helpful. When consumers are researching and looking for festive inspiration they don’t want to be given the hard sell. When they are ready to purchase make the process as smooth as possible. Understand your customer’s mindset and cater for their needs and wants.

Mobile has made the path to purchase more complicated than ever. Understanding mobile behaviour is key to reaching and engaging with your target where it matters, when it matters and with the right messaging. This takes holistic planning that goes beyond last click thinking.  

Re-examine your campaign, dig into your Google Analytics and put yourself in the consumer’s shoes to help them reach the checkout.

A pinch of patience

We live in a mobile-first world. Mobile has surpassed desktop3 — and mobile consumers aren’t renowned for their patience.

Over half of mobile users will abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load and speed has a direct impact on conversions.

Take the time to make sure your retail experience is mobile first and up to scratch. Carry out qualitative and quantitative research by asking real people to use your mobile site and give you feedback. Take a look at your mobile drop-off pages and pinpoint where shoppers are becoming frustrated.

Over half of mobile users will abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load4 and speed has a direct impact on conversions. Use the Test My Site tool to discover how your mobile site performs. The good news is that there is low-hanging fruit. You can increase your mobile speed in time for the Holidays by taking simple steps like optimising images and above the fold content.

Let them eat cake (offline)

Shoppers also expect mobile experiences to be local. Mobile searches for “near me” have increased by 99% over the last two years5. Prepare for shoppers that move from the online world to offline sales by setting up a Google Business page. Include your business hours and location to make it easier for consumers and build stronger visibility in your local community.

Customers are also demanding same-day delivery. Mobile searches for same-day shipping has increased by 44% over the last two years6. Offer your customers same day delivery or in-store pick-up. Place value propositions like these above the fold on your mobile site to reduce anxiety and encourage consumers to checkout. 

The icing on top

Typing in long payment details on a mobile device isn’t ideal and 69% of users say they abandon the checkout processes because it’s too long or complicated7. There’s a reason why people love using emojis when they message friends and family — it’s quicker (and cuter). But it takes on average 120 taps to complete a mobile purchase8. People get frustrated and leave.

Retailers can boost conversions by over 35% with simpler and smoother check-out processes9. Use Google Autocomplete Address Form to autofill customer details and remove any unnecessary fields from the payment page. Google Pay makes the process even easier by allowing customers to be logged in and complete payment with a few clicks.

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