Meditation technology Synctuition breaks through borders with App campaigns

October 2019

Synctuition— the mind relaxation program from Northern Europe — teams up with ePPC digital to launch and scale their app globally in less than a year.

Synctuition is a meditation app that uses 3D sound technology to stimulate the brain and enable deep relaxation. It’s the first app of its kind and was launched in December 2018 after ten years in the making. Founded in Estonia, the creators knew they had a unique product with the potential to grow and their main goal from the start was to export it on a global scale — focusing on the US market first.

They turned to a performance marketing agency and Google International Expansion Partner, ePPC Digital, for help coming up with a go-to-market strategy. Following their advice, they decided to use Google App campaigns integrated with Firebase to deploy ads and track conversions.

App campaigns is a solution that streamlines the entire process of promoting apps across Google’s properties including Search, Google Play, YouTube and the Google Display Network. The setup is quick and simple. And it doesn’t require adverts to be individually designed.

All that’s needed is a few lines of text, some assets, and a starting bid ⁠— plus the languages and locations the ads are to be shown in ⁠— and the rest is taken care of. The algorithm then tests various combinations to find which ads perform best and displays these more often. And linking Firebase to your App campaigns gives you access to powerful tracking tools that help you see how your ad investment drives app installs and in-app actions.

Kicking off in the US

In December 2018 Synctuition launched its first campaigns in the US and thanks to Firebase was able to analyse which campaigns drove installs and free trials for the best price. After allowing a few weeks for Google AI to learn and test different assets, they found that one of their themed campaigns had proven to be the most likely to scale and started doubling down on that one.

In just three months Synctuition’s monthly ad spend on App campaigns increased by ten times. As many of the campaigns were already profitable they were able to balance both business growth and cost-efficiency. Then they started to scale globally, launching campaigns in Australia, Canada, and finally in the Nordics and other European countries.

Unprecedented growth

The results far exceeded their expectations, reaching their revenue target for 2019 in only eight months with over 750,000 app installs in the first nine months alone. Their campaigns in the Nordics were particularly successful, with an ROI of 246% in just one month.

“Google App Campaigns has proved to be a great tool to quickly facilitate our growth internationally. We were able to focus on KPIs that were relevant to us ⁠— app installs and key in-app actions ⁠— rather than clicks, impressions and website visits,” said Joosep Tinn, COO of Synctuition.

Overall the use of App campaigns led to less time and effort being spent manually modifying campaigns ⁠— leaving more time for creativity and forward-thinking. A huge part of their success was due to a video, Law of Attraction, which brought over 16 million views. Karl Pae, CEO at ePPC Digital, explained that the use of App campaigns “proved to be the key in scaling and gave us more time to think strategically.”

Together, ePPC and Synctuition are excited to continue expanding their campaigns around the globe.

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