Originals.ro uses mobile-centered creatives and bids for a 44% increase in online conversions

February 2017

With several awards (2012 e-Commerce Of The Year in Romania, 2014 Best User Experience, 2015 Best Fashion Website by Google, 2015 Best Use of Google Tools), Originals.ro are constantly improving their clients services and launches various features to better serve their customers.


Increase the overall conversion

Maintaining the same cost-per-conversion or lower if possible

Increasing the Conversion Value/Cost percentage

Finding new clients and increasing the Customer Lifetime Value


Started implementing mobile-device centered campaigns

Weekly and daily mobile bid adjustments for each Ad Group

Implemented mobile specific ads and ads extensions (sitelinks, call, call-outs)

Implemented an unique phone number so we can track call-conversions


Lower Cost-Per-Click with 7.80 %

44.27% increase in Conversions

6.60 % increase in Conversion-Rate

42.57% increase in revenue

43.28% increase in assisted conversions

19.2% increase in profitability


Best User Experience

Originals.ro knew the power of a fast website on PCs or smartphones. As a part of their rebranding they made the mobile version of the website so it can load fast and provide a seamless experience for the customer. After a series of mobile-specific improvements, the website got a 99/100 score in Google PageSpeed Insights for phones. Also the checkout process was simplified and streamlined.

More Conversions In A Super-Optimized Account

Their AdWords account had more than 8 years and the whole approach was based on low cost-per-conversion-rates. So for the past years the mobile devices were not the priority, because of the high cost-per-conversion from this devices. Sinaps Marketing, the agency in charge of the account took a comprehensive audit of the campaign and using data from global trends in Google searches and Google Consumer Barometer, reached the decision to migrate their Google AdWords efforts in the portable devices segment

After a comprehensive audit of the campaign and the global trends in Google searches, the decision was made to put a big part of our efforts in the portable devices area.

Mobile-Centered Campaigns & Creatives

Each and every campaign, ad-group, ad and ad-extension was analyzed and modified accordingly to our mobile approach:

  • Mobile Bid Adjustments – Each campaign had weekly mobile bid adjustments for getting top positions in searches, at the lowest bid possible. The campaign usually gets higher CTRs from mobile devices, so we knew from the start that going mobile will result in a higher CPCs
  • Mobile Specific Ads – In every ad-group a mobile-only ad was implemented, with a custom call-to-action designed for the users that are making on-the-go searches. From previous experiments we noticed that ads that are shorter get more clicks, so the mobile-only ads were short, useful and quick
  • Mobile-Only Ad Extensions – Sitelinks, call and call-outs. Mobile-only extensions provided the extra-information needed: trustworthiness, security, fast-delivery, etc
  • Call-Conversions – With an in-house-call-center we knew that a lot of conversions are made by phone. So we’ve implemented an unique phone number in the AdWords campaigns that was automatically changed when the visitors arrived from Pay-per-click campaigns.

90-Day Test Period

We always take a medium-to-large time period when we are making big-impact changes in our clients campaigns, so the 90-day period was the optimal one. Campaign period: 2016 March 1st - May 1st

The first thing we and the client noticed was the daily/monthly visits:

  • A 36,40% in website traffic, most of it coming from mobile devices, but with lower CPCs than before. In 90 days the Cost-Per-Click had a 7.8% decrease than the previous year.

These numbers were anticipated and expected, our main priority was taking special care of bids and bid-adjustments.

Positive Outcome

The best and surprising results came after we had all the data (results are compared YoY March-May 2015-2016):

    • A 44.27% increase in conversions – multiple new conversions that were made straight from the mobile device
    • A 6.6% increase in Conversion Rate
    • A 43.28% increase in assisted-conversions – the customers made their first interaction on their mobile phones and finished the conversion on their home/work desktop
    • 19% increase in campaign profitability

Final Thoughts

Even if mobile searches are the future, many of AdWords advertisers don’t really know how the take advantage of this. Adding a slight increase in the budget for mobile devices is not enough. We have to take in consideration each and every feature that Google AdWords provides in each step of our customers journey.

A bid-adjustment paired with special creatives and fast-loading, mobile-optimized website can and will deliver great results.

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