PDFfiller sees conversions increase by 14% with user-friendly payment process

January 2019

PDFfiller is an online document management platform. Its mobile site was visited by over 19 million users in 2018. The PDFfiller marketing team attended Conversions@Google, an annual event that helps businesses achieve more online conversions. Acting on lessons learned, PDFfiller tested and implemented a user-friendly payment process that boosted conversions by more than 14%.

About PDFfiller

All-in-one online PDF editor, e-signature and fillable form builder

Over 19 million annual mobile users

Founded in 2008


Increase conversion rates

Optimise payment methods for mobile customers


A/B Test new mobile UX for payment page

Implemented a two-step payment process


>14% conversions

While we live in a mobile-first world, mobile conversions still lag behind desktop. Weak mobile user experiences lead to increased rates of user abandonment and less conversions. It’s clear that businesses need to catch up with consumer trends and create more user-friendly mobile experiences.

Conversions@Google is an annual event held in Dublin that brings together marketing and performance teams from across EMEA to help them boost online conversions by improving digital experiences.

PDFfiller provides online document services for users around the world. Customers edit >50,000 forms a day and over 19 million visits come from mobile users every year. In a bid to improve rates of mobile conversion, the company’s marketing team traveled to Dublin to attend this year’s conference.

One of the takeaways from the event is that consumers aren’t loyal to brands, they’re loyal to getting things done. 69% of users say they will abandon a purchase because of a long or complicated checkout process1. The PDFfiller team wanted to put this lesson into practice by improving the overall user experience of its mobile payment page.

"We created a new mobile payment experience based on advice, learnings and best practices which we brought back from the Conversions@Google event in Dublin, and tested it against our old page,” says Alex Gritsenko, Marketing Design Lead at PDFfiller.

The team wasted no time and began A/B testing a two-step payment process for US customers. The new payment page allowed users to select services and then pay.

“I remember what Luke Wroblewski, Product Director at Google, said at the conference: ‘Make the payment process as short as you can. Use two steps: Pick the plan then make the payment’. We decided to stick to this approach and remove anything else that could prevent users from completing the most important actions within a minimal time frame,” says Alex.

When creating online experiences, clarity is often overlooked in favor of aesthetics and branding. People just want simpler experiences that work. To increase clarity, text was stripped down to a bare minimum and the team used only one “sticky” CTA.

PDFfiller sees conversions increase by 14% with user-friendly payment process

Adding payment details on a small mobile screen can be frustrating. It takes an average of 120 taps to complete a mobile purchase2. That’s why the payment form has been redesigned to give users greater space for more accurate tapping. New payment methods such as Google Pay have been added to allow logged in customers to complete a payment in a few clicks.

After just four weeks of testing, the new payment page proved to be a considerable success with conversions increasing by more than 14%.

“We tested new sticky call-to-action buttons, added all relevant payment systems, including Google Pay, and considered safe zones for users’ thumbs. Today, we’re delighted to provide our users with a simpler, faster experience that results in more mobile conversions.”

— Alex Gritsenko, Marketing Design Lead at PDFfiller

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