Trendyol improves ROI by 70% with dynamic remarketing for apps

February 2018

With over 10 million members, is the largest fashion e-commerce company in Turkey. To re-engage high-value users in a more effective and less time consuming way, Trendyol set out to tailor the right ad and promotion to the right audience.

About Trendyol

Mobile e-commerce company

Founded in 2010


Reengage high-value users

Drive more volume

Improve click-through rate and conversion rate

Boost return on ad spend


Implemented dynamic remarketing for apps

Created responsive ads


140% increase in click-through rate

20% growth in conversion rate

28% decrease in cost per click

70% increase in return on ad spend

Threefold growth in app traffic from Google

To start out, Trendyol first ran app re-engagement campaigns using static images. But because they always needed to add new images according to the latest promotions and the generic images were not effective in addressing customers' specific needs, they weren’t able to scale and improve performance. By adopting dynamic remarketing for apps, they hoped to engage valuable users more effectively.

To test this new approach, they split users according to their membership status and actions within the Trendyol app, then used dynamic ad templates and a responsive ad format to serve ads that reflected users’ actual interests.

“Dynamic remarketing for apps helps us ensure our high-value app users see the right content at the right time, allowing better click-through and conversion rates”, explains Melis Kilic, Digital Marketing Specialist. “Responsive ads enable our content to be more relevant and seen on any placement in any dimension, enabling us to scale our business with zero manual work on optimisation.”

“We can invest more on mobile campaigns since we get our investment’s worth.”

– Erdem İnan, CMO, Trendyol

Compared to static remarketing campaigns, the new approach produced a 140% increase in click-through rate, 20% growth in conversion rate, 28% decrease in cost per click and a 70% increase in return on ad spend. Overall, the app traffic from Google grew threefold. “The increase of volume with better performance has surprised us”, Melis says. Trendyol’s CMO Erdem İnan agrees. “We can invest more on mobile campaigns since we get our investment’s worth,” he affirms.

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