When Exact cut mobile page load times, conversions increased by up to 186%

January 2018

Serving over 375,000 companies, Exact specialises in business software for SMEs. Smaller businesses and accountants can use Exact’s low-cost cloud software, while larger and more complex businesses can opt for integrated private cloud or onsite solutions. With between 25% and 30% of all visitors coming to Exact’s website via smartphones, the company made it a priority to optimise the site load speed and user experience for mobile users.

About Exact

Business software for SMEs

Headquarters in Delft, The Netherlands

Subsidiaries and offices in Europe, North America and Asia


Optimise mobile user experience


Improved site load speeds

Used Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for most important landing pages

Ran A/B tests on site improvements through Optimize 360


Increased PageSpeed Insights score from 56/100 to 91/100

Reduced average load time to four seconds

Grew new users through organic search results by 7.85%

Reduced bounce rate by 5%

Improved mobile conversions for accountancy products by 98%

Improved mobile conversions for bookkeeping products by 186%

Exact’s Patrick Kagenaar, Web Specialist Cloud Solutions, explains their approach to making optimisations. “First of all, we started by looking at our content – which content do we want to show on mobile, and more importantly how do we want to show it?” The team based their decisions on insights about consumer behaviour gleaned from heatmaps, screen recordings and Google Analytics events.

“During this process we also reviewed the pixels served via Google Tag Manager that we placed on the mobile variant of the website”, he says. By keeping the number of pixels low, Exact aimed to reduce bounce rates and increase average time per session. To ensure that their most important landing pages would be consistently fast across devices and distribution platforms, Exact used Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Finally, the team ran A/B tests on site improvements through Optimize 360.

These measures made a tremendous impact, helping Exact to increase their PageSpeed Insights score from 56/100 to 91/100. According to Test My Site, the current load time is just four seconds. As a result of the speed improvements, the number of new users through organic search results is up by 7.85% and the bounce rate has fallen by 5%. But the positive outcomes don’t stop there – mobile conversions for Exact’s accountancy products have grown by 98% and for bookkeeping products by 186%.

With results like these, Exact is keen to maintain the momentum. “We’re currently investing heavily in making our website fully available in AMP”, Patrick says. “We’re also working on an AMP integration in our marketing websites, using techniques we’ve developed in-house to automatically generate AMP equivalents of new pages we create.”

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