Your mobile-first transformation handbook

Alessandra Alari, Natasha Kosoglov / August 2020

Corporate complexity can get in the way of a good customer experience. Designers, developers and product teams may have the best intentions, but often are not empowered by leadership to do what is best for the user. Brilliant customer experiences beg the question: ‘how did they do that?’

To help guide you through these moments, we put together this handbook to help any organisation that wants to transform its mobile presence to benefit the user. We outline principles from the realm of change management and tailor them to mobile programs. You can use these techniques, tactics and tools, to tackle a complete user experience overhaul.

The handbook covers six chapters:

1. Building the business case for board level executives to sponsor and commitment to resource and mobile priority.

2. Assembling the steering group of cross-functional stakeholders vital to executing digital transformation and navigating blockers.

3. Establishing the strategy and milestones that both commercial and technical leadership can agree and focus on.

4. Proving the concept, execution and scaling in various formats given different forms of resource available in people, tech and time.

5. Reporting for impact by marrying analytics and your message to the right audience for long-term buy in.

6. Sustainability & iteration of your changes are key to not regressing back to a less-than-ideal customer experience.

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