Zingat.com and adXclusive optimise mobile site, grow conversion rate by 7X

November 2017

Zingat.com is a real estate marketplace that connects home buyers and renters with real estate professionals. With hundreds of thousands listings, Zingat.com also provides free online property valuations, location-specific real estate reports, life quality scoring and property recommendations. In order to improve mobile conversions, Zingat.com launched a project focused on improving the mobile site experience.

About Zingat.com

Real estate listing platform

For home buyers, renters and real estate professionals

Founded in Istanbul in 2015


Rundown Goals

Improve mobile usability and site speed

Improve conversions on mobile

Rundown Approach

Conducted usability workshop

Utilised Webpagetest and PageSpeed Insights

Tested and implemented key enhancements

Rundown Results

Reduced speed index from nine to three seconds

Decreased bounce rate by 25%

Increased mobile conversion rate by seven-fold

“With a keen eye on customer experience, at Zingat.com we’re constantly looking for ways to best serve our clients”, explains CEO Ahmet Kayhan. “Today it’s extremely important to integrate a cross-device data-driven strategy with an action plan, and then execute that plan with maximum precision.”

With that in mind, Zingat.com collaborated with their digital agency, adXclusive and Google to improve mobile site performance and drive conversions. The team began by utilising Webpagetest and PageSpeed Insights to conduct a usability and mobile site speed analysis, including an in-depth review of the account’s mobile performance data from AdWords. By combining these insights with industry research, a set of key enhancements were identified.

"This project helped us follow, analyse, improve, test and iterate our clients’ journeys on Zingat.com and take actions to optimise every layer while delivering our KPIs."

- Ahmet Kayhan, CEO, Zingat.com

Page Load Speed – Zingat.com optimised the critical rendering path by avoiding the use of JavaScript and CSS, which reduced the load time of above-the-fold content from nine to three seconds.

Filter Function – Zingat.com saw that giving users the ability to easily filter hundreds of thousands search results was key to driving engagement. The team introduced a prominent filter function so that all filter options would appear in the visible part of the screen.

Calls to Action – The main mobile conversion for Zingat.com is phone call leads so the team added a user-friendly “Call Now” button in a natural and easy-to-reach position on the screen. Contrasting colours ensure the button catches the user’s eye.

Images – To make it easier for users to quickly review search results, Zingat.com added a swipe function on images. 

Following these site optimisations, Zingat.com’s mobile site bounce rate decreased by 25%, the mobile conversion rate increased by a factor of seven and mobile cost per conversion decreased by 85%. After seeing these results, Zingat.com has in invested more in mobile usability and analysis, with future tests and improvements under consideration.

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