By adopting Customer Match in AdWords, Pegasus Airlines and its performance marketing agency Hype boost revenues and decrease cost per ticket sale

July 2016

Turkey’s leading low-cost carrier Pegasus Airlines offers economically priced flights on short- and medium-haul routes through a schedule serving 102 destinations in 40 countries. As a performance-focused advertiser, Pegasus Airlines invests heavily in search in both domestic and foreign markets. Their goals are to decrease cost per ticket sale while increasing the number of sales.


Decrease cost per ticket sale

Increase traffic

Take advantage of new optimisation opportunities


Implemented Customer Match in AdWords

Automatically adjusted bids and messaging to connect with high-value customers


13% lower cost per acquisition

52% higher click conversion rate

12% more revenue per conversion

32% higher click-through rate

Keen to take advantage of new optimisation opportunities, Pegasus Airlines and its performance marketing agency Hype turned to Customer Match in AdWords. Customer Match enables advertisers to create and target custom audiences by uploading lists of customers’ email addresses. Advertisers can then serve different ads or adjust their bids to reach these groups of high value consumers.

"Customer Match empowered us to tailor our messages to both our clients and prospective clients. The strategy has increased our revenues and decreased our cost per sale."

- Didem Namver, Digital Marketing Manager, Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus and Hype developed a strategy to benefit from the airline’s first-party data and categorised users into three groups: members of the Pegasus Plus Mileage program, former customers and users who previously contacted Pegasus without buying tickets. When any of these consumers searched for keywords like “flight” or “flight tickets”, the tool automatically customised Pegasus Airlines’ bids and ad text.

"Thanks to Customer Match, we benefit from additional first-party data. Now we’re able to run even more effective AdWords campaigns since we deliver more tailored messages to our existing and potential customers."

- Sarper Danis, Agency Head, Hype

Compared to standard search campaigns with the same keyword sets, Customer Match has enabled significant improvements in performance. The new tactic has yielded a 52% higher click conversion rate, 13% lower cost per acquisition, 32% higher click-through rate and 12% more revenue per conversion. Looking to the future, Pegasus Airlines and Hype plan to create more detailed customer lists to boost performance in generic keywords, as well as increasing investment to cover all search terms in its relevant categories.

Pegasus Airlines and its performance marketing agency Hype boost revenues
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