AdWords tools help Thalasseo improve profitability by 56%

November 2017

As a French online travel agent specialising in wellness stays, Thalasseo relies on digital marketing to stimulate bookings. Looking to control acquisition costs and optimise bid management in real time, the marketing team wanted to implement a long-term attribution model that could take into account fragmented cross-device customer journeys.

About Thalasseo

Founded in 2004

Headquarters in Aix en Provence, France

Rundown Goals

Control acquisition costs

Optimise bid management in real time

Rundown Approach

Adopted data-driven attribution model

Activated Target CPA Smart Bidding strategy

Rundown Results

Return on investment improved by 56% year over year

Revenue increased by 30%

Conversion rate grew by 27%

In order to drive performance, Thalasseo and its agency Atomic Search believed in the importance of assigning the correct value to the most efficient conversion paths. They were keen to understand the true contribution of each keyword, ad, ad group and campaign within the consumer’s journey to conversion.

By implementing data-driven attribution modelling in AdWords, they were able to do just that. With the model providing more accurate insights about which factors contributed to conversions, they also activated the Smart Bidding strategy Target CPA to drive strategic AdWords investments.

"Combining a Target CPA bidding strategy with data-driven attribution helped us improve our return on investment by more than 50% in the first month while increasing our share of voice."

Charles Costa, Head of Digital Marketing, Thalasseo

"Coupled with Target CPA bidding, data-driven attribution has proved to be the most effective feature for reducing costs per click and boosting Thalasseo’s turnover.”

- Arnaud Reyre, Founder, Atomic Search

Combining the Target CPA auction strategy and data-driven attribution model boosted Thalasseo’s AdWords performance after just one month both in terms of profitability and turnover. Year over year, return on investment improved by 56%, revenue increased by 30% and the conversion rate grew by 27%.

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