Hangikredi.com Increases Conversion Volume with Data-Driven Attribution

August 2017

Hangikredi.com is an online platform that provides price comparisons for personal loans, credit cards, insurance, internet packages, electricity packages and investment products. The company wanted to drive more conversions and decrease cost per acquisition, so they decided to replace last-click attribution with a broader optimisation model.

About SEM

Performance Marketing agency

Founded in 2006


About Hangikredi.com

Financial products comparison platform

Founded in 2006

Headquarters in Istanbul


Drive conversions

Decrease cost per acquisition


Adopted data-driven attribution in AdWords

Used Smart Bidding to automatically optimise against target cost per acquisition (tCPA)


Conversion volume grew by 56%

Cost per acquisition dropped by 12%

In order to attribute value, Hangikredi.com’s original model was based on a single touchpoint – a customer’s credit card conversion. But with a goal to optimise campaigns more effectively to increase conversion rate, the company adopted data-driven attribution in AdWords.

Using data and Google machine learning, data-driven attribution compares the click paths of consumers who convert against the paths of consumers who don’t – giving the advertiser a greater insight to understand why. This allows AdWords to distribute credit between the many ad clicks that might make up a typical purchase path.

Thanks to this simple toggle in the AdWords interface, Hangikredi.com gained more comprehensive reporting across consumer journeys and obtained insight into many more signals than before. The team combined this with Smart Bidding in order to easily take action on the new attribution model and automatically adjust their bids to their business goal. In this case, they wanted to increase conversion volume while maintaining the same cost per acquisition, so Hangikredi.com optimised to target cost per acquisition (tCPA).

"Data-driven attribution helped us to value our keywords from a broader perspective and improve the performance."

-Mustafa Oral, Sales & Marketing Manager, Hangikredi.com

With this new attribution model, the keywords or devices that were more active in the upper funnel search campaigns, received proper credit. Giving credit to those keywords helped Hangikredi.com to understand and optimise them. Using Smart Bidding and AdWords attribution led to conversion volume increased by 56% while cost per acquisition decreased by 12%.

“Before using data-driven attribution, we were giving credit for just last clicks in conversion path”, observes Mustafa Oral, Sales & Marketing Manager. “By doing so, we weren’t able to see the real value for other keywords and devices that impact the conversion path. Data-driven attribution helped us to value our keywords from a broader perspective and by combining it with AdWords tCPA bidding we could directly start to improve the performance.” According to the Hangikredi.com digital marketing team – Atakan Kara, Fulya Aras Usta and Sercan Çiçek – they are now extending data-driven attribution and tCPA strategies to other products in their portfolio.

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