How used data-driven remarketing to win big with Cyber Monday

December 2018

Cyber Monday is one of the year’s biggest shopping days in the US but the phenomenon has yet to take a stronghold in Bulgaria. A major Bulgarian online retailer wanted to change all that by raising awareness of the holiday in an effort to drive more sales to its site.


Online retailer

Founded in 2008

Headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria


Raise awareness of Cyber Monday in Bulgaria

Reach Black Friday shoppers with display campaign

Drive more sales to its e-commerce site


Stage one: Display advertising targeted at Black Friday during warm-up phase

Stage two: Remarket to Black Friday audience and drive traffic to discounts


14M Total impressions

45K Clicks

3.92% Conversion Rate

770% ROAS during stage one

627% ROAS during stage two

Specialising in gaming and books, is a major online Bulgarian retailer. The award winning e-commerce site has a product line that spans across 10 major verticals and attracted 2.7 million unique visitors in 2017.1     

Cyber Monday — a tradition hailing from the other side of the Atlantic — falls on the Monday after Thanksgiving. The online sales event has increased in popularity throughout Europe but has yet to capture consumer attention in Bulgaria.

The e-commerce site was determined to change this by working alongside its performance agency, Accella Digital. They set out to raise awareness of the Cyber Monday discounts and position the brand as the country’s Cyber Monday pioneer in a bid to boost sales.

Timing is everything

The campaign was divided into two stages. Black Friday was already a popular shopping day in Bulgaria so the team used the pre-sale warm-up stage to leverage existing interest in Black Friday. They then remarketed Black Friday shoppers and targeted new audiences with custom creatives during the active-sales stage.

Data was at the very heart of the team’s Cyber Monday strategy

The warm-up stage kicked off seven days before the sale went live. launched display campaigns that targeted Black Friday traffic with custom messaging that used different daily promotions to generate and maintain consumer interest.

Data was at the very heart of the team’s Cyber Monday strategy. The team used automated business data feed in Google Ads to setup Dynamic Remarketing  — using display ads that targeted Black Friday shoppers with images and descriptions of products they had visited during the initial warm-up stage.

Dynamic remarketing was also used to re-engage with consumers that had abandoned shopping carts and visited product pages. also used remarketing lists from the previous year’s Black Friday campaign.

A beta feature in 2017 was activated in Google Analytics so that  the team had a detailed analysis of impression assisted revenue. With the help of automated real-time reports, the e-commerce site was able to adjust and optimise the campaign.

“ There’s no such thing as a straight pathway to the shopping cart. It’s complex. But by focusing on data we could better understand the consumer and deliver a more relevant experience.”

— Ivelina Ansarova, CEO of Accella Digital

Data-driven wins

The nine-day effort paid off. During the first stage, the display campaign generated over five million impressions and over 20K clicks to the site. The active-sales period generated a further nine million impressions and over 25K clicks to the site. The display campaign’s Conversion Rate was 3.57%.

The team saw 770% Return on Ad Spend during the warm-up stage and 627% during the active-sales stage. The display campaign accounted for 10% of all website traffic during the nine-day period and 25% of display visitors were New Users. The awareness campaign also had a strong impact on direct and organic traffic, with a reported 25% of purchases being influenced by a display ad.

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