How Pixers increased conversions with smarter attribution and bidding

November 2018

Based in Poland, Pixers sells custom wall art, stickers, textiles, and more. In the seven years since its founding, the brand has grown internationally and operates local versions of their online marketplace in over 20 countries.

About Pixers

Pixers is an online marketplace that sells personalized wall art and other home goods

Headquarters: Wroclaw, Poland


Better understand the customer path to purchase

Increase customer acquisition and sales revenue


Maintain culture of experimentation

Use Google Attribution to better measure campaign performance

Scale usage of Smart Bidding in Google Ads


Identified longer path to purchase

3X increase in customers in Poland year-over-year

3.4X increase in revenue in Poland year-over-year

Pixers’ success has been supported by a data-driven marketing culture. “We’re always looking forward to new directions, testing and experiments, and staying ahead of competition,” said Arkadiusz Kuna, SEM & Remarketing Manager.

The Pixers marketing team believes that testing new strategies – even strategies that might fail – lead to valuable insights. “We try not to have any missed opportunities,” Kuna added.

“Even with a low chance of success, we still prefer to run a test. We’ll at least get some useful data.”

One key insight the Pixers team discovered was that their typical customer followed a long path to purchase. Customers would often have many interactions with the brand, and there would be significant time between the first interaction and the final conversion. This was especially true if the customer was considering a large purchase. In order to continue to drive customers and revenue growth, the Pixers team knew they had to better understand how each step of the customer journey contributed to sales.

Testing and learning with attribution

One way marketers can get a better understanding of complex customer journeys is to get smarter about attribution.

The Pixers team has always been proudly “never last-click”. They were comfortable using multi-touch attribution models that award conversion credit to multiple customer interactions, instead of giving all the credit to the last click. In the spirit of their test-and-learn culture, and seeking to get even better measurement, they decided to become an early tester of Google Attribution.

With Google Attribution, Pixers was able to use data-driven attribution to measure the performance of their campaigns. Data-driven attribution uses machine learning to determine how much credit to assign to each step in the consumer journey — from the first time a customer engages with a brand for research to the final touchpoint before purchase. This gave Pixers a cross-channel view of their performance that also eliminated double-counting conversions. With cross-channel attribution, the total number of conversion is consistent with the number of conversions measured by their CRM system, allowing for a better understanding of the impact of each marketing channel on sales.

“In terms of attributing credit to all touchpoints along the user path, Google Attribution is precisely the solution we were aiming and hoping for,” said Kuna.

Once Pixers began using Google Attribution, they discovered the conversion path was even longer than they had originally thought. Using the new data, they were able to uncover that customers often start their research more than 30 days before making a purchase decision.

Adopting Smart Bidding

Google Attribution also gave Pixers the confidence to expand their use of Smart Bidding in Google Ads. Smart Bidding uses machine learning to help marketers set the right bid for every auction in order to meet their desired campaign goals. And because Google Attribution is natively integrated with Google Ads, Pixers could quickly and easily ensure they were using the most accurate conversion data for Smart Bidding.

“Google Attribution gives us a unified data-driven model. We have finally been able to utilise the huge potential of Smart Bidding at scale, and we’re seeing its positive impact on our performance.”

By combining the power of Smart Bidding with Google Attribution, Pixers saw strong results. In Poland, the brand saw a 3X increase in customers, and a 3.4X increase in revenue.

Encouraged by these results, Pixers has moved the majority of their Google Ads campaigns in Poland, Germany and France to Smart Bidding using conversion data from Google Attribution, and plans to expand their use of Smart Bidding in other markets in the future.

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