MANGO uses native integration of Google Analytics 360 and Optimise 360 Testing mobile site improvements results in 3.85% uplift in mobile revenue

October 2016

Fashion designer and retailer MANGO offers 18,000 garments and accessories annually in over 2,200 shops worldwide. The brand first launched a website in 1995 and opened their first online shop in 2000. Today the website is available in more than 80 countries.


Improve consumers’ mobile experience


Used native integration of Google Analytics 360 and Optimise 360 to test mobile site improvements


4.5% uplift in mobile conversion rate

3.85% rise in mobile revenue

With MANGO’s mobile traffic constantly increasing, the retailer wanted to apply insights learned from their Google Analytics 360 account to improve consumers’ mobile experience and boost the conversion rate. “Continuous optimisation of the customer experience is part of our DNA,” MANGO explains. The team hypothosised that clearer, more prominent wording would make the user journey easier and cause less confusion for customers.

MANGO tested the hypothesis on their mobile page content using Google Optimise 360. While Analytics 360 measures important site actions like sales, content downloads and video views, the native integration between Analytics 360 and Optimise 360 makes it easy to measure experiments against those same business objectives. Optimise 360 uses advanced statistical analysis for each experiment to determine which experience performs best for those objectives.

“In our efforts to adapt locally we aimed to customise the experience throughout the conversion funnel,” MANGO says. To learn how changing the wording and improving the text on buttons would affect the checkout process, the team ran a series of A/B tests on the mobile site using the Optimise 360 WYSIWYG editor specifically targeting mobile devices. Meanwhile, advanced Optimise targeting rules made it easy to include only mobile users in this experiment. “Optimise 360 is really easy to use – there’s no need for training as it’s super intuitive. Integration was very simple as well, with a very quick setup and easy use of the DataLayer.”

"Google Analytics and Optimise 360 provided us with an integrated solution that allowed us to improve the shopping experience for our users across devices."

When it came to the results, MANGO observed a conversion rate uplift, and consequentially more mobile-generated revenue. An experiment that tested different text in a button demonstrated an uplift of 4.5% in the mobile conversion rate, while another that tested a new layout showed a 2.03% rise in mobile average order value. “MANGO has ambitious plans to keep leveraging Google Analytics 360 together with Optimise 360 by continuously testing the customer journey across devices,” the brand explains. “This will allow us to provide the best user experience, which we believe will lead to increase in conversions.”

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