Optimize 360 helps Pegasus Airlines grow Flex sales by 22%

February 2018

As Turkey’s leading low-cost airline, Pegasus Airlines wanted to improve their digital user experience to drive sales of ancillary products. The company had already been working with Hype, a Google Analytics Certified Partner, to use Google Analytics to develop an infrastructure to measure every action and dimension of the business. When analysis of the data revealed bottlenecks in the conversion funnel, Hype recommended a strategy involving optimizations and A/B tests.

About Pegasus Airlines

Turkey’s leading low-cost carrier, serving 110 destinations in 41 countries

Headquarters: İstanbul


About Hype

Performance marketing, analytics and business intelligence consultancy

Headquarters: İstanbul



Drive sales of Flex packages


Used multivariate testing in Optimize 360


Increased Flex sales by 22%

Specifically, the Pegasus and Hype teams decided to focus on driving sales of Flex, an ancillary product that enables customers to make unlimited ticket changes. It seemed that customers were not really aware of the benefits of the product, so Hype hypothesised that improving the copywriting and how pricing was presented could in turn improve sales performance.

Hype had already set up goals, events and segments within the Pegasus Google Analytics account. Using Google Optimize 360 – the enterprise-class A/B testing and personalization product that’s seamlessly integrated into the Google Analytics 360 Suite – meant that Pegasus could run multivariate tests immediately. “The native integration between Google Optimize 360 and Analytics was useful for us”, explains Mustafa Esad Tatlıpınar, Hype’s Conversion Optimization Expert.

To get started, they simply chose their experiment type – multivariate testing – and then chose their Google Analytics goal from the objectives dropdown. Next they created new variations, including different headlines, service descriptions, option labels and prices. Some of these were created through the Optimize 360 visual editor, while others were created using custom JavaScript.

At this point the team was ready to launch their experiment, letting Optimize 360 do the work of testing out multiple changes on different sections of the page, and combining them to test multiple combinations. Because it pushes better performing combinations and abandons low performing ones, the Optimize algorithm quickly discarded low performing variants.

“After seeing a 22% increase in Flex sales, we were able to scale the winning variation to all users in just few hours.”

– Emre Güney, Head of Digital Products and Growth Marketing, Pegasus Airlines

“The native integration of Google Analytics and Optimize 360 helps solve bottlenecks in the conversion funnel quickly and effectively.”

– Mustafa Esad Tatlıpınar, Conversion Optimization Expert, Hype

The experiment lasted for 35 days with 869,000 visitors exposed to the new variations. During the course of the experiment, Pegasus managed to improve the conversion rate for the Flex product by 22%. Once the winning variation had been identified, Hype scaled it to appear to all visitors.

Looking forward, Hype and Pegasus are committed to using Optimize 360 to produce further business gains. “The Google Analytics 360 Suite not only helped us to grow our business and profitability, but also to decrease the time required to prepare and publish an A/B test from one week to two or three hours,” Mustafa says. “That leads us to run more tests and gain more uplifts from experiments. Thanks to the 360 Suite can run our business based on real data and we are planning to use these tools for a long time.”

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