Thanks to an innovative approach to targeting, ZOOT dramatically drives conversions and revenue while reducing costs

May 2017

Data-driven marketing gives customers a personalized offer from a wide range of more than 300,000 items. When a person places an order, items are delivered to the Try & Buy store of their choice. After trying on the clothes in-store, they can complete a purchase.


Find right target audience

Increase number of new customers

Drive brand awareness

Increase sales and revenue


Used available data in unconventional ways

Employed new targeting methods

Discovered new potential customer segments


Increased conversion rate by 170% after six months

Increased revenue by 132% after six months

Reduced cost/revenue ratio by 72% compared to the first month

Digital performance agency Edge 2Performant – which is part of 2Performant, the biggest affiliate network in Romania – has collaborated with ZOOT since their launch to ensure their growth in the market. A mix of data, creativity and performance skills forms the core of Edge’s services.

Being a young player in a market made up of many competitors with low prices and discounts, ZOOT faced a challenge in identifying its target customer base. In order to find the right target audience of potential ZOOT customers, the team elected to use the data they had already had: data about people who did not convert.

"Instead of targeting the usual way, we targeted people through exclusion"

 - Cristina Fulea, Digital Performance Specialist.

Using Google Analytics, they created a series of audiences such as certain demographics, mobile operating systems and devices, as well as users who interacted with fewer than a set number of pages, those who viewed a defined number of product details and visitors who produced a given session-to-transaction ratio.

ZOOT then used these audiences in their AdWords, remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) and Google Display Network campaigns. “Knowing what to exclude, we focused on the right type of segments that would eventually buy from ZOOT,” Christina says.

"After analyzing the data, we discovered that people who ordered and chose to go to the Try & Buy stores had a higher average order value. This gave us the locations where our customers were, and so we bid more aggressively on certain locations"

- Cristina Fulea, Digital Performance Specialist.

In order to reach new customers with a view to growing the business, ZOOT also used existing audiences as the basis for Google features such as Customer Match and Similar Audiences. While Similar Audiences looked at data about the brand’s existing remarketing audiences to find new and qualified consumers who had shared interests with that audience, AdWords Customer Match enabled ZOOT to show ads to their customers based on data about those customers that they’d share with Google.

Taken together, these approaches helped the ZOOT team achieve all of their aims. After six months, conversion rate had grown by 170%, revenue had leapt by 132% and the cost/revenue ratio had dropped by 72%.

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