Smart Bidding boosts Teknosa’s revenue from Dynamic Search Ads by 27%

December 2017

Teknosa is a technology and electronics retailer with more than 200 stores in Turkey. Digital marketing through the website is the biggest driver for the company’s revenue growth. As an ecommerce website, often has changing advertising goals throughout the year, ranging from upper funnel goals such as visitor volumes to lower funnel ones like conversion values.

About Teknosa

Electronics retailer

Founded in 2000

Rundown Goals

Increase return on ad spend (ROAS) for all product categories

Rundown Approach

Adopted Google Ads Smart Bidding technology

Adjusted strategies according to KPIs

Used Target ROAS automated bid strategy for Dynamic Search Ads

Rundown Results

Return on ad spend improved by 168%

Conversion rate increased by 25%

Revenue grew by 27%

To meet the objective of increasing return on advertising spend (ROAS) for all product categories, Teknosa decided to adopt different Google Ads1 Smart Bidding. This enabled Teknosa to pick from a suite of bid strategies to match their various KPIs from visits to revenue.

Automated bidding offered a powerful way to both save time and set the right bids to respond to changes in traffic composition and user behaviour. In this way, Smart Bidding technologies made management of the account easier and more effective.

"Smart Bidding allows us to set performance targets to our unique business goals and manage complex user journeys."

– Ceyda Balcı, Assistant Manager, Digital Marketing & Content, Teknosa

Teknosa began by using the Maximise Clicks bid strategy, allowing them to effectively use their budgets to grow the volume of website visitors. Then, online marketing team decided to shift the focus to increasing revenues.

By collaborating with their agency Mediacom, Teknosa’s team started using the Target Return on Ad Spend bid strategy (Target ROAS) for their Dynamic Search Ad campaigns. Although these campaign types don’t use keyword targeting but instead bring in traffic from coarser grained categories, the Target ROAS machine learning algorithm always tailors bids for each and every auction that Teknosa participates in.

The setup was straightforward, only requiring the team to change the bid strategies in the respective campaigns and set their desired ROI goals. Target ROAS quickly delivered impressive performance. For Dynamic Search Ads, the return on ad spend improved by 168%, the conversion rate increased by 25% and revenue grew by 27%.

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