Using AdWords Smart Bidding, Atlasglobal Cuts Costs and Grows Revenue

October 2017

Atlasglobal is an airline that operates domestic and international flights throughout Turkey, the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Facing challenging sales targets and limited resources, Atlasglobal and its agency Mplatform-Maxus wanted to drive new users to the airline’s website. With the account requiring more than 200 search campaigns to cover all flight routes, the team decided to explore techniques using automation to boost conversions efficiently.

About Atlasglobal Airlines

Established in Turkey in 2001

Rundown Goals

Grow conversions efficiently

Rundown Approach

Activated maximise conversions AdWords Smart Bidding strategy

Rundown Results

Reduced costs by 20%

Increased revenue by 320%

Improved return on ad spend by over 400%

Atlasglobal and Mplatform-Maxus considered several automated bidding options in AdWords, including target cost per acquisition (tCPA), target return on ad spend (tROAS) and enhanced cost per click (ECPC). Since some campaigns had either low numbers of conversions or didn’t have enough budget to reach high conversions, tCPA didn’t seem attractive. Meanwhile the constantly changing profitability targets of flight routes made the tROAS method unsuitable. And with ECPC automatically adjusting bids for clicks that seem more or less likely to lead to a sale or conversion on the website, the team felt this wasn’t a good fit for Atlasglobal’s generic campaigns, where the focus was not always on conversions but rather on assisted conversions.

Having looked into these AdWords Smart Bidding strategies, Mplatform-Maxus and Atlasglobal decided to test the “maximise conversions” method to reach their goals. They hoped this approach would ease optimisation efforts and improve account performance by setting bids within given budgets automatically to increase the number of conversions. The team selected a few destination and generic campaigns in order understand the impact of this bidding method. 

"These results will enable us to broaden our keyword sets as the return on investment from our campaigns increase. In this way, we will generate new users for our website, which means new customers will experience Atlasglobal." –Okay Yalcinkaya, Digital Marketing and Communications Manager, Atlasglobal
"We could not perform any transaction out of generic keyword sets which we have used before. With automated bidding strategies that AdWords has recently introduced, we have started to reach potential customers. We have also used maximise conversions model on our always-on destination campaigns. These results enabled to us to allocate budget to our destination campaigns which have lower impression share." –Utku Gurel, Performance Marketing Manager, Mplatform-Maxus

The experiment saw costs decrease by 20% and revenues increase by 320%, improving the return on ad spend by over 400%. What’s more, bounce rates declined too. As a result of these initial successes, Atlasglobal and Mplatform-Maxus expanded maximise conversions automated bidding across the account, using it for all destination and generic campaigns. “Now we are able to see direct positive returns on generic campaigns, which didn’t happen before”, says Okay Yalcinkaya, Digital Marketing and Communications Manager for Atlasglobal. “We did not expect such an improvement in the performance, so it’s both surprising and very satisfying.”

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