AGF video research: With 267 minutes of daily viewing duration, the relevance of moving images in Germany remains unbroken

Eva Ringk / April 2019

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Videoforschung (AGF) and YouTube are publishing for the first time results of their partnership, which has existed for more than three years. To ensure consistent measurement of video usage, YouTube was integrated into the AGF's convergence currency. According to the AGF figures, the average daily YouTube viewing time of the 18-year-olds in Germany is 33 minutes.

AGF and YouTube measure in cooperation the use of moving images in Germany. Initial results, including YouTube and online streaming, show an average daily movie usage of 267 minutes. Of this, 33 minutes are on YouTube. Mobile is the highest-end device for online video. 

In an interview, Dirk Bruns, Head of Video Sales, Google Germany, explains the background to the cooperation and also shows the benefits to advertisers of video measurement.

Think with Google: What is the task of AGF video research?

Dirk Bruns: The AGF video research is carried in the form of a GmbH by its shareholders ARD *, ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE, Mediengruppe RTL Germany, ZDF, Discovery Communications Germany, Sky Germany, Tele 5, Viacom and Welt. The AGF measures TV and video streaming usage in Germany, both stationary and mobile. The measured data forms the basis for programme research and for television and online video advertising.

Think with Google: What is the goal of cooperation between the AGF and YouTube?

Dirk Bruns: In order to highlight the importance of moving images and mobile in the German media landscape, YouTube was included as an important component in the online video segment of the AGF in the measurement. This ensures that TV and online video are measured consistently and transparently.

AGF video research: With 267 minutes of daily viewing duration, the relevance of moving images in Germany remains unbroken

Think with Google: What makes this project so special?

Dirk Bruns: The collaboration between the AGF and YouTube is unique in the world. In no other country are TV and online video data captured by a JIC ("Joint Industry Committee") using a consistent, transparent measurement methodology. We observe that other countries are also very interested in this project. We are already in talks in many countries – with the local committees, the JICs, the local AGFs (so to speak) – in order to initiate similar projects and to examine their implementation.

Think with Google: What are the main findings of the AGF survey? How important are the digital video formats in Germany in addition to linear TV?

Dirk Bruns: We draw interesting results from the survey. First, for the observation period we have a total average duration of 267 minutes per day. The survey examined people over the age of 18. This especially makes it clear that the relevance of moving images in Germany is unbroken. Second, of the 267 minutes a day, linear TV usage averages 232 minutes and 35 minutes streaming. Approximately 21 of the total of 35 streaming minutes are attributable to Mobile, which is the most relevant device for online video usage with a share of approximately 60 per cent.

Think with Google: And how does YouTube cut it off?

Dirk Bruns: According to data released by the AGF, YouTube's average daily viewing time is 33 minutes. Of these 33 minutes, three minutes are spent on the offers of the TV broadcasters shown in the AGF system as well as their networks with YouTube-specific content. This shows the relevance of YouTube in the media mix, but also the relevance of YouTube as an essential distribution channel for traditional TV providers.

AGF video research: With 267 minutes of daily viewing duration, the relevance of moving images in Germany remains unbroken

Think with Google: When will the project be completed?

Dirk Bruns: The next step in the collaboration is focused on the initial integration of YouTube into the standard reporting systems of the AGF. The first integration initially depicts the use of moving image content. Thereafter, the identification of the marketable inventory or bookable units is the particular focus of the joint project. In addition, it is important to finalise the necessary contractual arrangements that are a prerequisite for a regular disclosure of YouTube data in the AGF system. Uniform metrics and the provision of a comparable offer image are at the forefront of common methodological advancements in order to provide the market with the highest level of transparency.

Think with Google: What new insights do you have personally through the collaboration?

Dirk Bruns: Definitely worth having a long breath. We are very proud to provide first results together with AGF Videoforschung and hope that industry representatives from other countries follow the example of AGF. YouTube has been committed to transparent measurement for a long time, and the data presented illustrates the relevance of the YouTube platform – for the motion picture user, the advertising industry and our content partners.

* Consisting of the state broadcasters and advertising companies incl. ARD advertising SALES & SERVICES GmbH

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