How Škoda triggered valuable engagement with TrueView for action

June 2018

Škoda Auto created YouTube campaigns to promote three models, the Octavia, the Karoq and the Fabia. As well as TrueView in-stream and Bumper Ads, they decided to try a new format – TrueView for action. The goals were to reach the target audience and drive them to visit the models’ landing pages.

Škoda Auto in cooperation with their agency PHD reinvented TV commercials as TrueView for action ads, driving engagement on its website.

About Škoda Auto

Automobile manufacturer

Founded in 1895

Headquarters in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic


Increase awareness of specific car models

Drive relevant website traffic


Created TrueView for action campaigns

Implemented conversion measurement

Used cost per view bidding and Smart Bidding tCPA strategy


Octavia activity drove 63% higher click-through rate than previous campaign, with 28% lower bounce rate than other formats with same goal

Karoq activity produced 85% higher conversion rate, 45% lower cost per acquisition and 38% lower cost per acquisition for view-through conversions than previous approach

Fabia activity, achieved 62% lower cost per acquisition and 31% longer time on site than previous campaign approach

The Octavia and the Karoq ads were designed to introduce these cars to the market, encouraging the audience to visit the relevant landing pages for more information and test drive bookings. The team also created ads to inform consumers about a special offer on the Fabia. For that campaign, the aim was to bring consumers to the relevant landing page, where they would find a price list, discounts and details of the offer.

Škoda adapted their TV commercials to the more engaging TrueView for action format. TrueView for action campaigns help drive leads and conversions by adding prominent calls to action and headline text overlays to video ads. Using this video campaign subtype, advertisers can encourage customers to explore a product or service, share their contact information or take other actions valuable to the business.

For each of Škoda’s three campaigns, the team used YouTube targeting tools to reach consumers, including demographic, custom audiences, interests, in-market, themes, custom intent, similar audiences and remarketing. In course of the campaigns, they moved from optimising for views to optimising for relevant website visitors.

“TrueView for Action will be part of every campaign which has reach and website traffic as goals.”

– Tomáš Gregořica, Marketing Communications Manager Škoda Auto a.s.

The Octavia campaign used cost per view bidding, with test drives established as the conversion action. The Karoq campaign also used cost per view bidding, but the micro-conversion of scrolling down the price list was set as the optimisation goal. The Fabia campaign used the Smart Bidding strategy tCPA, where downloads of the price list were set as the conversion action.

Škoda compared the results of the TrueView for action campaigns against previous campaigns to see whether the new approach really worked to drive relevant users to the website from YouTube. Here’s what they found:

  • The Octavia activity drove a 63% higher click-through rate than the previous campaign, with a 28% lower bounce rate than other formats with same goal.
  • The Karoq ads produced an 85% higher conversion rate, 45% lower cost per acquisition and 38 % lower cost per acquisition for view-through conversions than their previous approach.
  • And the Fabia campaign achieved a 62% lower cost per acquisition and 31% longer time on site than Škoda’s previous campaign approach.

For advertisers inspired by Škoda’s success, the team shared three key tips to make the most of TrueView for action:

  • Be sure to set up the correct conversion measurement, and include only relevant actions for which the system can optimise. 
  • Ads in the TrueView for action format should be under 30 seconds and take advantage of the important end screen.
  • Combining TrueView for action with Bumper Ads is a great option, helping you secure both excellent reach and relevant audiences.
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