How Answear reached and engaged audiences with TrueView ads on YouTube

March 2019

About Answear

Online fashion retailer

Founded in Poland


Increase brand awareness

Enhance brand presence

Find effective video platform to work alongside TV spots


Tested running video campaigns on social media and YouTube

Experimented with TrueView In-stream, Bumpers and Discovery Ads

Used demographic and affinity audiences to target audience and remarket



+40% viewed the entire video (9M)

2.4x more views and 6x cheaper than social media platforms

+40% Ad recall from TrueView

+60% Ad recall from Bumpers

Answear is a leading online fashion retailer operating across Central Eastern Europe. The e-commerce store was looking for ways to increase brand awareness and presence. It began experimenting with video ads on YouTube and social media to determine what worked best.

Answear wanted to reach more online consumers by increasing brand presence and awareness. With more than 300 big name brands and over 220,000 products, the award winning online fashion retailer operates across Central Eastern Europe — including Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Ukraine.

The e-commerce site had traditionally relied on television spots to reach and engage with audiences. But people’s viewing habits are changing. Half of viewers under the age of 32 will not subscribe to a paid TV service by 20251 and purchase intent is 150% higher from YouTube ads than TV ads.2

Answear wanted to reach this audience by expanding their communication strategy beyond TV, and experimenting with video advertising on social media platforms and YouTube. It launched a video campaign on YouTube and across social media for all six countries to evaluate uptake and determine the most efficient platform.

“YouTube as a platform allowed us to carry out not only a cost-effective brand campaign, but also to optimise the final result when the campaign was still in progress.”

— Krzysztof Deszcz, Search Marketing & Analytics Project Manager

“We Are The Answear - Fashion Tested On People” was launched on YouTube. Answear used the same creative TV spot for its YouTube campaign — optimising for ad recall by integrating the brand name in the first five seconds.3

TrueView ads were shown to the initial target group — primarily, females aged between 18 and 45 — and affinity audiences were setup to target viewers interested in shopping, sports, fashion, beauty and music.

TrueView gives the viewer the option to skip the ad and brands only pay when the target watches 30 seconds of the video (or the duration if it's shorter than 30 seconds) or interacts with the video — whichever comes first. This means that brands won’t be charged for unwanted views and the content is viewed by relevant viewers.

Research shows that relevant video ads get three times the attention of an average video ad.4 Reaching the right audience with relevant messaging, creative and ad format are key to capturing attention.

Answear then used Discovery and Bumper ads for remarketing — re-engaging with people who had watched the entire video.

YouTube proved to be the right choice for the e-commerce site. The video was viewed 22M times on YouTube, which was 2.3 times more views than on social media platforms. Only 3.95% of viewers watched the entire video on social media platforms, compared to a 40.98% view-through rate on YouTube.

Ad recall was significantly high, with 41.93% from TrueView and 62.20% from Bumper ads. The YouTube campaign also proved more efficient, with a cost-per-view that was six times lower than social media.

In today’s “always connected” digital world, lines between TV and online video are becoming increasingly blurred. People cast YouTube to their TVs and watch TV shows on YouTube.5 Research by comScore has shown that campaigns combining YouTube and TV placements can improve brand results. For instance, skippable ad formats saw significantly higher ad recall and brand awareness from one paid view on YouTube and one exposure on TV than from two exposures on TV.6

With more than a billion worldwide viewers, there are more opportunities to reach the relevant people on YouTube.

With video ads, Fashion Days goes beyond awareness to engagement and sales