How Ikea Greece increased ROAS by 460% with TrueView ads on YouTube

January 2019

For many of today’s consumers the shopping experience starts at home. With this in mind, Ikea Greece created an innovative ad campaign with the aim of increasing engagement and raising awareness of the latest deals while driving conversions. Using TrueView for Shopping ads on YouTube, Ikea increased ROAS, boosted Ad Recall and drove conversions to its website.

About Ikea

Founded in 1943

Home & Garden

First store in Greece opened in 2001


Reach target with new catalog and discounted prices

Drive conversions to website


Use TrueView ads for e-Commerce

Incorporate in-store footage to increase customer engagement


460% ROAS

33% Ad Recall

33% View Rate

Ikea Greece wanted to raise awareness among consumers about discounted prices in its new catalog, while driving traffic and conversions to its website. With a history of delivering innovative solutions, Ikea chose to create a series of TrueView ads, becoming the first local brand in the Home & Garden sector to implement a YouTube Shopping campaign.

“We are constantly experimenting with new innovative solutions and we were the first company in the home and garden industry in Greece, to implement a YouTube Shopping Campaign,” says Ada Gianneskis, Communications Director at IKEA Greece.

The brand wanted to create a campaign with immersive storytelling while still driving sales to its website. Using TrueView for shopping retailers can offer a true direct-response layer for their online video campaigns. Viewers are able to click through to a brand's products and purchase with ease.

The TrueView format is also cost effective. Brands only pay when viewers choose to watch an ad for 30 seconds, or when they interact with the video — meaning Ad Spend comes only from viewers who are interested in the brand or product. And research shows that the longer video formats available with TrueView are ideally suited to YouTube, where visual attention to ads is now significantly higher than it is on TV.1

Ikea’s “What’s Incredible is the Price” campaign was a huge success. The storytelling creatives were designed to put viewers in the shoes of in-store customers and generate engagement with people that were used to the Ikea shopping experience.

The brand front loaded the campaign’s strapline “over 1,000 discounted products” at the beginning of the videos to effectively communicate the discounted prices. The creatives then showcased specific products, pricing and the catalog.

“The ROAS was beyond our expectations, while at the same time, the brand lift study showed significant lift in ad recall.”

— Ada Gianneskis, Communications Director, IKEA Greece

The campaign results outperformed expectations. The TrueView campaign delivered 460% Return On Ad Spend. And in addition to that, the campaign had a 33% view rate and 33% Ad Recall with the main target — In-Market, Life Events and Custom Intent Audiences. “The ROAS was beyond our expectations, while at the same time, the brand lift study showed significant lift in ad recall,” says Gianneskis.

Video advertising has moved from brand awareness campaigns to performance marketing — delivering measurable results that drive conversions.

“YouTube effectively delivered our campaign to our target audience and helped us achieve both our branding and sales objectives via TrueView for Shopping.”

— Ada Gianneskis, Communications Director, IKEA Greece

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